Prom 2013

Monday 8 July 2013

Dress - Topshop   Shoes - Very   Bag - H&M

So Prom rolled around once again, and after a quick, but absolutely hilarious, walk down memory lane on Beuatylishious from Prom 2 years ago (here), I cant quite believe that secondary school is really over, and to quote my 16 year old self, I really do have to go off into the big wide world. 3 months until university (grades permitting!) and I finally have to leave behind my school days.

Prom this year was held on a boat on the River Thames and then onto Leicester Square. For some bizarre reason I decided 5 inch heels were a brilliant idea, when in reality I never, ever, ever wear heels, so ended up spending most of the evening either attempting to totter around as a 6ft giant, or plodding around the streets of London in my saviour flip flops which were definitely a stroke of genius in my clutch bag! The heels themselves are from Very and are absolutely beautiful and unexpectedly comfy; it was actually those pesky flip flops which landed me with the most blisters the next day.

My dress is Jones & Jones, a Topshop concession which I found on Ebay for a steal at around £30. While the front is pretty blah, the party's going on out back! My clutch was also a bargain from H&M for just £7 in the sale, and worked as a Mary Poppins bag producing just what I needed throughout the night; flip flops, purse, money, a multitude of lipsticks I was mixing to get the exact right shade and of course my trusty Duo lash adhesive for any false lash malfunctions.

Another absolute stand out on Prom night were my Ardell Individual Lashes; I have never realised before just how much more fluttery, natural and just plain gorgeous individual lashes are compared to their full-strip counterparts. While tricky to apply at first, these look so natural but impart so much umph to any eye look I don't know how I will ever get back to my usual strip lashes.

Overall, prom night was one to remember, and I will actually miss my whole school year quite a bit, so strange to think some I will never see again. I would love to see any of your prom posts, so drop me a link down below!

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  1. Oh you look so beautiful! So glad you had a lovely time! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Thanks so much Jennie, i had a brilliant time!:) xxx

  2. Such a beautiful dress! Individual lashes are such a life saver and you don't need to worry that the ends are starting to curl off like you do with strip lashes xox

    1. They seriously are amazing, how have i only just discovered them! Shame they are a bit of a time consumer to put on, but so worth it! xx