Free Benefit Lipgloss! :)

Friday 4 June 2010

Finally, my free benefit lipstick came!
After waiting more than 6 weeks for this (grrrr so slow) today finally the postman delivered!

I got this free through the amazing giveaway that flake is doing, 1 million free lipsticks/glosses to be given away with their flake bars, check it out if you haven't already, there is a brilliant chance you will win!

I got the lip gloss in 'Life on the A List' which is a pretty pale pink colour...

They sent with it a lovely leaflet, and the packaging is gorgeous!
The tube itself is very pretty and the colour looks beautiful...

In reality, the colour is a little less pink than it shows in the picture and its pretty sheer...

Its a pretty, soft colour but the formula- eughhhh.
Its sticky, its gloppy, it feels grainy on the lips-
basically everything I do not look for in a lip gloss!

But hey, it was free ;)
So who cares?

Have any of you tried this yet, did you like it??


  1. Hannah I bought Gosh Darling and I'm holding you fully responsible!! :)

  2. I want to win a free lipstick/lipgloss! Looks really pretty :)

  3. looks good on you though... and yes, it's free! :)

  4. if you put a lipstick or balm on it might not feel as sticky or grainy, i get it sometimes but not always. Or just put a little on. xxx

  5. @Dollface- Ohhh do you like it?? :):)

    @hannahbabeyxo- They are really easy to win have a go! :)

    @Indah- Yeahh! And thanks! :))

    @Lisa.- Oh ill try it, thanks!! :)


  6. :O I can't believe you didn't like it. I never tried it but I expect a good quality product from Benefit.
    I ate 4 flake bars and I still haven't won anything... I'm on a diet too! >:( I'm not giving up!

  7. I like the colour, but it's a shame that it's gloopy. Atleast you got it for free, and didn't have to pay for it..

  8. Great color for lipgloss!

    I'm following you :)

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    We are having a giveaway for a Burberry 10 piece manicure set. Stop by for your chance to win ! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I really like the colour and packaging of this, its a shame the quality isn't very good which is surprising for benefit makeup x

  10. oh I love it!! I really like the color.

  11. ou!!!!!!

    is very cut....
    i love your blog... kiss kiss

  12. ooo i was just at the benefit counter today! I just made a blog about it!
    I havent tried this yet but i will next time :)

    have a good friday!

  13. I have always eyed up this colour, but your right it looks really sheer! Great cause you got it for free, but I don't think I could justify the high price tag of £13ish!

  14. Mmm, flake bars, here I come!
    At least you know that you don't need to spend money on any of their lipglosses now. :) xx

  15. @me :)- I know it suprised me to! lol, oh well- treat yourself! ;)

    @Sophie- Yeah i know, im so glad i didnt actually spend money on it! :)

    @Ashley- Thankyou, sure il check it out! :)

    @ByJody- The packaging is beautiful, its really a ashame about the product :/

    @Kelly and Sara- Thankyouu :))

    @SandrHa OrtHer- LOL thankyouu :)

    @Gaby- Oh ill check it out, by the way, i dont recommend you try this :)

    @Vivianna- I know, way to expensive for a not good enough product ehh? :)

    @Grace- Hehe, definately! The best part about this product is that i got to eat flakes to get it! :)


  16. I got this one too But I deffo agree abut it being gloopy and sticky! It wears off within like 10 minutes! and my brush is like all ripped and werid? But I forgive it because its such a pretty colour! :)

  17. @Nicola-x- Ahhh i know, such a disappointment, but i agree- so pretty! :) xx