tan central

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Being a milky white pale child for the best part of the year, summer is about the only time when I actually have the patience/motive to perfect a tan as the sun appears. When I say tan I really mean an off-white type colour, which is the only shade my skin seems to achieve, even after the most vigorous application of tan!

I tend to stick to moisturisers with a little bit of tan included, which is why at the moment I'm slightly in love with Garnier Summer Body in Dark. After about 3 applications it builds up a lovely glow that even shows up on me, although no doubt the Light version of this would be a struggle to build up at all! The smell is bearable- apparently of apricots, which inevitably turns to biscuits by the morning, but its not the worst smelling tan I've tried by far!

I also occasionally use the much-loved St Moritz Self Tanning Lotion or Mousse, which is also a lovely cheap option which gives a subtle glow to the skin, but is extremely drying so a heavy duty moisturiser is a must here!

For my face, I picked up the Vita Liberata Silken Facial Self Tan for a fiver on sale at Boots, and am loving the colour it gives me! As I'm forever exfoliating my face with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish no facial tan will ever last very long on my face, and as this is more a hint of colour/moisturiser type formula rather than a full on tan in one go kinda thing, its perfect for just before bed to give me a little glow in the morning. However I am seriously considering trying out the Clarins Facial Tan once this little tube dies a sad death!

So that's my tanning routine all done and dusted. I do find tanning tedious and smelly and just generally annoying but I love feeling a little bit more colourful and healthy, while also not subjecting my skin to unnecessary ageing in the sun!

Have a lovely week, and good luck to all those with exams, I feel your pain!