prom practice makeup 1.0

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Colour Palette, UD Naked Palette (Creep & Gunmetal), L'oreal Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara, Avon Supershock Gel Liner, NYX Peach Blush, Gosh Darling

With prom night looming ever nearer (30th June to be precise), I'm starting to panic about what makeup I'll be wearing on the all-important night! My dress is a dark purple-y colour with silver beading so I'm looking for something soft and shiny with accents of purple, a flawless base and nude-ish lips.

The look above was just a practise piece and is a little too blue-toned for my liking, although I'm hoping to do something reasonably similar but with more purple and mahoooosive false lashes... you know, for that 'natural' look ;)

I also really want to get MAC Face & Body foundation as a base for the event, however I'm hesitant to buy  as I will be getting a major spray tan a few days before prom- pale child that I am! But the downside is that I have no idea how tanned I will be so cannot predict the colour I will need for my base.

But in regards to being ready for prom, which is scarily only one month away... eeeek, I am feeling pretty damn ready! Dress- check, shoes- check, makeup- almost check, limo- check. The only things left on the to-do list are to alter the length of my dress (at the moment its about a mile long), figure out what exactly I'm doing for my hair and finally find a matching bag! Not much then...

sigma miss taylor kabuki & giveaway!

Sunday 29 May 2011

As part of the Sigma affiliate programme (which any bloggers can join here, if you want to), I was gifted the Miss Taylor Kabuki and also offered one to giveaway to my lovely followers!

The brush itself is a dense, synthetic haired kabuki, which blends in foundation beautifully! Its also the perfect handbag sized brush for quick on the go touch ups and the hairs are just so darn soft! The only downfall I feel to this brush is that mine seems to be shedding rather a lot after only 3 washes, but otherwise its definitely a lovely ol' brush!

So if you want to get your hands on one of the Miss Taylor Kabukis enter my giveaway! :)

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Good Luck!

here we are again.

Friday 27 May 2011

♥ Its officially half term here in England (thank the lord!) and I'm well over half-way through my GCSE exams! With 13 down and just 7 to go (the easy ones, thank god!) summer is literally within touching distance and I cannot wait. The exams are completely draining my energy, so I'm extremely thankful for a week off just to relax before they start again, full force! Most of the exams have gone well generally, except for a disastrous English Language exam where the exam board forgot to write a question on Love Poetry, leaving my whole year completely screwed, having to write any old random crap on Environmental Poetry! Shame on you AQA!

♥ Speaking of summer fast approaching, I am in desperate need of a summer job! All those ice creams, trips to the beach and holiday shopping do not come cheap and I am determined to find a good job sharpish! My dream job at this age would be in Boots or Superdrug or even the BodyShop, simply because I could ogle the makeup all day long- my idea of heaven- however my only offers seem to be coming from a dry cleaners and a pub... and all at absolute rock bottom minimum wage! So I'm still on the hunt for a fun job which actually pays over £3.64 (which transpires into just pennies after bus fare and lunch deductions!)

♥ I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! Since the exams started I've felt guilty even just reading through a few other blogs but now I have a bit of free time on my hands I seem to have a million ideas for new posts, so prepare to be inundated with posts next week! Also a lot of my friends seem to be starting to read my blog, which I am surprisingly cool with, so if I know you- hiii!

♥ In other news, I've been featured over on Em's lovely blog here, check it out if ya want!
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Friday 20 May 2011

Orange lips are absolutely ma-hoooosive this summer and when I discovered Sleek's new True Colour Lipstick in Peaches&Cream, I couldn't wait to jump on the bright-lips bandwagon...

Words cannot describe how much I love this lipstick: soft, creamy, long-lasting... and most importantly- ORANGE!

You will not catch me stepping out of the house this summer without this little beauty slathered all over my lips for sure; orange lips are my new obsession, fact.

What are your thoughts on the tango-ed lip trend?

heat free hair; rollers.

Monday 16 May 2011

This is the first post of hopefully many, in a series of heat free hair styling posts. As you may know, my hair has been on a major heat ban for more than a year now, and it has done my hair's health a world of good. So if your on a heat ban or just looking for ways to cut down the damage to your hair, I hope you like these posts.

First up is styling with hair rollers, as modelled by my lovely sister Sophie...

These rollers are two different sizes from Sally's Beauty Supplies. They were inserted into natural, dry hair, and in Sophie's very thick hair we used about 17 rollers, but if you have thinner/fine hair you may need a lot less. The best method of application I find is to start at the front and go down the middle and then apply to the sides, using about 2 inch sections for each roller. Leave for about 1 to 2 hours (longer for more effect) and if your feeling a bit naughty blast with a hair dryer (not that I'm encouraging breaking your heat ban, but if you do, use a heat protectant ;) and uncurl the rollers slowly from the hair so you don't lose volume.

Et voila...

...and your left with big voluminous hair.

Hope this helped in some way, and check back for more in the heat free hair series :)

don't believe the hype! xen tan review.

Saturday 7 May 2011

Summer's here in full force and its time to start baring legs to the world, however if your legs are as pale as mine you'd understand that skirts, shorts and anything else leg-baring is a big no-no for me until I get a bit of fake tan going. In previous years I have tried countless tanners- St Moriz, Dove, Garnier, to name but a few, however none of them really wow-ed me like I believe a fake tan really should. The thing that really irks me about sunless tanners is the smell- I really do not understand why they must always make me smell like biscuits for days after, however much I try to scrub away the smell.

When I heard about Xen Tan - the supposed 'gorgeous smelling fake tan' - I had to try it; it could have been the saviour to my fake tan nightmare. My sister, another fake tan addict was also interested in the product, so as it was mega expensive (£17.99 from, RRP £26) she purchased a bottle of Xen Tan Dark Lotion for her and for me to try, hoping it would turn out to be her new HG fake tan.

On first impressions out of the box, our first thoughts were, £18- for that!?. The bottle is in fact very small, and definitely did not look worth the small fortune my sister, Sophie, had payed for it.

We both tried out the tan once, and since then my sister has been using it regularly for the last month.

My thoughts: My first thoughts on this product when applied was that it smelled AMAZING- just like marzipan and cakes and everything yummy rolled into one. I applied it all over my body with a tanning mitt (Primark £1 - woohoo!) and the base colour looked lovely. It applied evenly without patches and felt quite moisturising on my skin. I left it on for about 4 hours and by that time the smell was really getting to me, it had morphed from gorgeous marzipan to that disgusting old biscuity smell - hate hate hate! I washed it off quickly and it seemed that all the lovely base colour washed off in the shower, leaving me with only the tiniest golden glow, and nothing 'dark' like I had expected. Overall I was really disappointed and will definitely not be buying the tan myself.

Sophie's thoughts: When I first tried Xen Tan I HATED it. I bought it under the impression that it would give me an amazing tan, but not smell disgusting like ever single other fake tan seemed to. When I tried it it just did not deliver the colour I wanted and I had to build it up about 3 times before I got the colour I wanted, and at £18 a bottle I can't afford to be using it like that! However after using it for about a month I have come to quite like it; it doesn't dry out my skin, and its pretty even to apply, however the colour needs to be built up at least twice to look dark enough. Overall I probably wont be repurchasing just because it just isn't worth the massive price tag.
So overall, we are still in the market for an amazing fake tan, any suggestions!? We were thinking of trying out Fake Bake tan next up :)