the winter essentials

Monday 19 November 2012

Winter is not my favourite season. Snow, rain, clouds and Halloween are some of my least favourite things- anything cold and/or scary is not top on my favourites list. Which is primarily why I need a brand new wardrobe to counteract all these negative aspects of the season; brand new mittens and hats seem to make the dark, cold months that little bit more bearable. These two are from New Look, both around £5 and are just adorable. The mittens have fur on the insides and are softer than actual kittens paws. Bobble hats are by far my favourite winter accessory, and hat hair aside I think these are the perfect extra to any winter outfit.

The piece de resistance of my winter wardrobe is my brand new leather jack from Topshop, £58. Although a little on the pricey side this investment will hopefully last me a good few winters to come. The fur is to die for soft and is cosey and snuggly enough for when it drops below 0 degrees.

Overall I am super pleased with all my new winter buys, but please, please, hurry up summer!

t'is the season

Friday 9 November 2012

My lovely friend Tamara has been at her photography again and these are the results! I did the makeup in the styles of spring, summer, autumn and winter, with varying jewellery in the style of the photographer Eric TraorĂ©. I absolutely love how these images have come out, its so nice to actually have some decent photography on the blog rather than my crappy old digital snaps! My favourite is most definitely autumn with warn tones, red lipstick and leopard print; what's not to love?!

Tamara has a photography blog here, and her last photography was detailed in one of my older posts here.


Friday 2 November 2012

Primark's winter collection 2012 is all over the blogs and youtube at the moment. With Primark haul's everywhere you look, I could not wait to have a look around my local and scoop up a few bargains along the way...

Brown Shoes - £15, Blue Shoes - £10, Purple Skirt - £8, Shirt - £12

I brought not one, but two pairs of ankle boots on my trip as I had realised that my trusty black army boots where near falling to pieces and my -ahem- 'cowgirl' boots really were not fit to be seen out of the house. That seriously called for a new pair of shoes, or two! The brown pair are perfect for everyday wear; sturdy and have a little gold accent which is lovely for matching up jewellery. But the navy blue pair really caught my eye, lace up suedes, bedazzled with gold studs, perfect for stabbing people who accidentally stand on your feet... just not so perfect for rain... or snow.

I also had a quick look around the clothing section, fully prepared not to succumb to any big woolly jumpers, but ended up buying school clothes. The purple peplum skirt is a lovely addition to my already heavy skirt collection, and I could not resist the collar on the shirt, it's leather with intricate little flowers carved out!

So that's my Parmarni buying done for another month, hopefully!