Ahh... desperate need for a good 'ole shopping trip!

Friday 30 April 2010

With exams approaching and a dance show next weekend I just have no time to go shopping, even though I seriously deserve a bit of retail therapy after all that walking I did last weekend! So I thought I'd do a little post about all the things I want, just to cheer myself up a bit before I go off to revise... :/

Here goes...

Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Cream
I'm in need of a good new moisturiser and I've been hearing a lot about this little cream, and it has an added bonus- SPF 15, great as its coming up to summer!

(sorry about the tiny piccie)
Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand
I was searching for a good replacement for my normal spot treatment, freederm gel, which I have run out of and needed a change, and I stumbled across this. The reviews have intrigued me enough to buy it and try it out, so i'll see if it actually works. Has anyone tried it, if so what do you think?

ELF Blush And Bronzer Compact
I'm going slightly ELF crazy, after having discovered the dirt cheap website around a month ago, I have been desperate to try out some of the products, so once I have a bit of spare change I will definitely be trying this.

ELF Cream Eyeliner (Black)
I'll also be picking up this gorgeous little thing, as *SHOCK HORROR* I've never actually tried a cream eyeliner before! I thought that this, for only £3.50, was a good way to introduce myself to this new type of makeup and I'm so excited! :D
I'm not actually sure whether to get black or brown, I have dark brown eyes, any suggestions?

GOSH Lipstick in Darling
Dubbed the perfect nude lipstick, I am literally wetting myself trying to getta hold of this! I will definitely be buying this in the near future as i am a HUGE fan of nude lips!

NARS Orgasm Blush
This HAS to be one of my dream make-up products, but sadly my budget just will not stretch :( Oh well... a girl can dream... hehe.

MAC Well Dressed Blush
And... another one that I can only dream about, oh well one day I WILL get this :)

Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray
I really really really need a good new heat protectant for my hair, as I want it to grow quickly but stay lovely and healthy while I'm using heat, so hopefully this will solve that problem!

So that's my long list of all my much needed products I will hopefully purchase soon! Do you have any other suggestion as to products that are reasonably priced but are great quality??

Thanks for reading :):)

Hannah xxx

Vaseline, you little saviour!

Thursday 29 April 2010

One word...


Round of applause please! My little pot of Vaseline has been through thick and thin with me, and I realised only yesterday that this tiny tub of jelly is my number one beauty 'secret'! I literally put it everywhere, on dry skin, my eyelashes, lips, nails etc. etc. and it really is a miracle worker. It works wonders on my poor, dry, over mascara-ed eyelashes, making them thick and healthy again, and it is so much smoother to apply mascara after a cleansing session with my lovely pot of petroleum jelly!
And i haven't even started on it's powers on my dry skin!
The gorgeous jelly formula sinks into the skin leaving it lovely, smooth and baby soft, and is incredible for sad, cracked lips!
And at only about £1.50, this really IS a wonder product! I couldn't live without it!
So, what is YOUR 'miracle product'?
Hannah xxx

Just a little update...

Tuesday 27 April 2010

In case you were interested...

I survived the dreaded camping trip!! :)

Although as I am writing this, I have my poor swollen feet propped on a chair after walking 10 miles, camping in a field and walking another 10 miles the next day. All i can say, is WHY was the Duke Of Edinbrough Award invented, i think it is pointless as most of the time I was just walking in circles and being chased by mad cows giving me evil eyes!
But I am very proud of myself for surviving the whole weekend with only a few bruises and blisters to show of it and there were some really fun parts, like being on a campsite and the hysterical laughing that comes on the last few miles when your not sure whether to laugh or cry. Overall it was quite fun, although i am dreading my final expedition which is in July...

If anyone is thinking of doing a Duke of Edinbrough Award, i would actually reccomend it, i have done so many different things during the award that i would have never done at any other time!

Heres a piccie if you wanted to see... (Im on the far right, looking rough from that never ending walk hehe :))

One more thing...

THANKYOU so much for all the comments and followers i have got during the last few weeks! Im so grateful to all of you, your comments really do make my day! So thankyou, thankyou, thankyou all of you, you are all little stars! :)

Hannah xxxx

Just a little haul post... :)

Sunday 25 April 2010

Hellooo bloggys :) hehe.

So today I went on a much needed shopping trip to my local high street and picked up a few lovilies on my way around town (Y)...

Above is my little loot from Primark, which i love, as it is just so CHEAP! Everytime I go in there I seem to go a little crazy and pick up everything! But to day I stopped myself and bought the scarf for £1.50 which I love as it so colourful and I bought some gladiator sandles and a bright coral cardigan which I just could restist for summer. The sandals were £4 and the cardigan was £6 - BARGAIN!  

Next I popped into New Look and picked up this pretty polka dot tank top which is perfect for summer, and was only £10! :)

Then it was onto the pound shop to pick up a few more baragins!

Exfoliating gloves! Which will hopefully solve any of my fake tan problems in the future! :D

I also bought...

... these! :)

While I was in the Pound Shop i saw the Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadow in Plum Temptation and decided to try it as I love their foundation. I also picked up VO5 Extreme Style Surf Spray, £2.50, and 2True Lip n Cheek Tint, £1.99, when I popped into Superdrug.

I tried out all of these when I got home and here are the results...

Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadow looked promising but on closer expection I discovered that it really wasn't as good as I first thought. Although the packaging could deceive you, I think this is a rip-off off real Maybelline products, as the amount in the eyeshadow was much less than my amount in my Maybelline Cream Blush, which I purchased a while ago in Superdrug...

But to be honest, I should have expected that from the pound shop. Other than that, I liked it, the consistency was good, but I didn't think the colour necessarily suited me, so I will not be re-purchasing...

On the other hand, the 2True Lip n Cheek Tint is absolutely beautiful and I love it. It is an obvious dupe to Benifits Benetint, but a lot lot cheaper. I loved the suble flush this gave me, and I was really happy with the simple application!

I then tested out the VO5 Extreme Style Surf Spray which i found worked well when scrunching and gave a nice beachy feel to my hair. It did, however make it a bit cruchy and stiff, so I would't recommend if you like your hair soft and shiny...

Sorry about the blurry eyed look in this picture, whoooppps :)

I hope you liked my little haul and reviews :) Im off now to hike 20 miles and camp for my Duke of Edinbrough Award, and all i have packed at the moment is make-up and dolly shoes... oh dear, me and camping do not go together well! :) Wish me luck!


Sunshine Award... :):)

Wednesday 21 April 2010

I was nominated by Lisa, thankyouuu :):)


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- Pass the award to 12 positive and creative bloggers
- Link the chosen ones within your posts
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- Share the love and the link to the person who gave it to you
1. Lisa
2. Nicola
3. Rachel
6. Rachel
8. Lauren
9. Sarah
11. Kelly
You all have amazing blogs! :):) xxx

Fake Tan Ramble...

Saturday 17 April 2010

Heyy heyy bloggettes! :)
The suns shining, the birds are tweeting... and the fake tan's being dusted off. What does this mean?


Well ok.. not quite, but almost, so today I decided to get out the trusty fake tan. I have a few favourites brands which i find work well for me. They are...

1.  Garnier Ambre Solaire No-streaks Bronzer Dry Body Mist

This is a spray on product, which you build up over time.


  • Very easy to apply.

  • Good golden colour tan.

  • Affordable- around £7.00.

  • Not messy.

  • Difficult to tell where you have applied as it is a clear mist.

  • Sometimes end up streaky or patchy.

  • Unlike the can actually states- it doesn't actually dry instantly, so I find there is a need for rubbing it in to make it less streaky- which can amount into orange hands... :/

  • Difficult to apply to back of legs.
2. Johnsons Holiday Skin Body Lotion

A simple moisturising product which has a built in self tanner which builds up after daily application.


  • Beautiful natural looking tan.

  • Easy to apply and build up.

  • Cheap! I got mine from the pound shop!

  • Smells Gorgeous.

  • Takes a while to absorb, so can be transferred easily to clothes.

  • Needs to be rubbed in really well to avoid streaking.
3. St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

Before I had bought this product, i'd heard a LOT about it. Dubbed as the cheap as chips version of St Tropez Instant Tanning Mousse, I was curious to try it out, never having had tried the St Tropez version before. I was very pleasantly surprized and happy with the look I got from the easy to use product.


  • Builds a beautiful colour over 4-6 hours, after which you wash it off to reveal stunningly tanned skin.

  • Cheappppp! Mine was only around £4.00, and for a St Tropez compared product, I think it's a bargain!

  • Instantly bronzes, so you can go out while it is still developing.

  • Lasts for around 5 days before re-application is needed.

  • Drys ultra quick, so can easily streak. But this streaking problem is not very noticable when the product is washed off, so messy application is fine!

  • Messy, can get everywhere!

  • Make sure you wash hands after use- the only fake tan ive ever got really bad 'orange paws' with!
This was the tan which I used today, to help me blend in with all the sun worshippers in the park who were wayyy ahead of me in the tanning stakes.
When applying I didnt have a tanning glove to hand, so, creative as I am, I used cling film over my hands, to stop them becoming orange! This was actually one of my better ideas, and my hands are now tango-free :D.
The actual tan on my legs and arms went well (with only one patch that i missed on the back of my legs, whoopppss!) and it developed into a very natural looking colour! Im so happy with St Moriz! A great product, and i would definately recommend buying it!

So... what is you favourite tanning product? And are you enjoying the beautiful sunshine as much as i am?

♥ You know you love me...
Hannah xoxo
(And yes i AM a Gossip Girl worshipper ;))

My top 5 beauty products at the moment :)

Friday 16 April 2010

My first real post, ohhh how exciting! :)
This is all about my top five beauty products. These are the little wonders which I use daily and seem to be miracle workers in what they do...
The simple fact is that i'm not the richest girl in the world and I can't quite afford the top end brands like MAC and Nars ect. very often, so most of my make-up collection is made up of humble brands such as Maybelline and other highstreet names. BUT i'm a firm believer that you don't need to spend an arm and a leg just to get good quality make-up, and i'm happy to go for cheaper brands, if they look like they will do a good job. So here we go...

1. Neutrogena Pure Glow Summer Boost Moisturiser

This product is an absolute lifesaver when the weather is just turning sunny and I realise I need a quick boost for my skin. It adds a healthy glow to my face without being to heavy, but is nicely moisturising which is an added bonus! Over time it produces a healthy looking tan and it's easy to apply in place of your normal moisturisor! I love it, and it was an absolute bargain from the pound shop! :D

2. Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara


This is possibly one of my favorite mascaras ever and I seem to go through about 5 of these a year... whoops. :) It's perfect for separating lashes and making them long and thick but not clumpy. The jet black formula helps to make my eyes really stand out and it is very easy to apply- i <3 it!

3.  MAC Lipstick in Hue


This lipstick is one of my all time favourites. It is the perfect rose pink/nude and is so versitile you can wear it anywear. It is also a perfect consistency, and is not so creamy that it sits in the lines of your lips makeing them look dry. It's so easy to apply and looks good for everyday wear. It is one of my only MAC products, and I will always treasure it as being my first 'designer' make-up piece :).

4.  Batiste Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is literally my hero in a pink can. I used to have this problem- not washing my hair for days and being too lazy to go and shampoo it, getting up the next day and being brought almost to tears by the greasy, uncontrollable, bird's nest that was my hair. That was until I dicovered THIS. It is perfect for days when you just cannot be bothered and need a quick pick me up to make your hair look amazing. And at only £1.99 a pop from superdrug, anyone can afford to banish greasy hair forever.

And finally... drum roll please...

5. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

This little pot of amazing has lasted me months and months, and is my go to product when ever I am in need of quick and easy makeup. It can literally be applied in seconds, with minimal blending and still look gorgeous! I wear ivory, as im quite fair skinned, which I think is the perfect colour for me, but they have a good range of shades for different skin tones. And who can forget the very best part of this foundation...

the very first application from a new pot, as it really is sooo smooth and dreamy :)

I hope you enjoyed this, so what are your favourite beauty products at the moment? Leave a comment... :)

Hellooo Bloggers :)

Thursday 15 April 2010

Hey hey fellow bloggers, my name is Hannah, and im completely new to this whole 'blogging' thing...
Im a fifteen year old girl, from good 'ole England, and i love writing, make-up, beauty, fashion ect ect. so i decided to start this :)
Basically it's a page where i will post about all my favourite things, rant about the things i hate and generally rave about products/clothes i have bought recently.
So now i'll stop rambling on with my little introduction speech, and actually start posting interesting things. I hope you follow my blog, and feel free to comment :)