Friday 31 May 2013

Uzi - Zero - Demolition - Smog - Empire - Mainline

Urban Decay pencils have suddenly catapulted themselves onto my makeup horizons, and oh my are they delicious! Previously my absolute favourite eye pencil spot was devoted to my fabulous Avon Supershock liners, yet these have shoved Avon's offering off the top spot and stolen the crown. Our love affair started when I received the shade Bourbon for Christmas and continued into the new year as I treated myself to the Urban Decay Smoked 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set, on LookFantastic for half price! £16 for 6 liners is a ridiculous bargain, but alas it seems to have gone out of stock (possibly limited edition?) but the eyeliners are very much available individually here.

The formulation of these is really something to write home about; soft, creamy, and packs a punch in the pigmentation department as well as being pretty damn long lasting on the eye. I think classing yourself as 24/7 is setting yourself up for a fall UD, but these last around 6 hours on my rather oily lids, before they start to look a little lacklustre, and are also very nice on the waterline.

My favourite shade of the bunch is Smog, a stunning golden brown, reminiscent of my absolute favourite discontinued Avon liner in Bronze which has now been reduced to just a stub, but Smog is the perfect replacement for a warm everyday subtle eye. Demolition (dark, matte brown) and Zero (matte black) are perfect for smoking up the eye line, and for summer Mainline and Empire are gorgeous smudged along the lower eye. My least favourite of the bunch, Uzi , imparts a little too much glitter for my liking but is lovely if you're looking for a little glitz in your life!

Overall, a big thumbs up from me and I am seriously looking forward to expanding my collection... any colour recommendations?!

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the story of April

Tuesday 7 May 2013

April was a funny one. For the most part, revision and end of school panic has officially set in and it has finally dawned on me that I have 14 days of year 13 left and I then have to leave the school I have been at for 7 years and never come back. Which is terrifying. And exciting and impossible and completely and utterly out of my comfort zone. I finally decided on my uni choices this month, and I am officially going to be a Chemistry student this October, grades permitting!

Towards the end of April, the weather got really, really lovely, and suddenly the world was a million times more beautiful, and my walks home from school have been a hell of a lot more enjoyable in the sunshine! Please god let this little bout of spring last a bit longer.

Between juggling working and spending every spare moment revising for the ever impending doom of exam season, there was not a lot of time this month for play, but I did manage to squeeze in seeing The Vaccines at the O2 last week, who were AMAZING. It was the first concert I've been to where I have been seated, which was at first a little awkward but I'm sure my feet were thankful I didn't force them to stand for hours on end... oh god, I sound like an old woman!

I have also been looking into cameras this month- I really, really want to leave my like digital camera behind and actually get into photography, so any recommendations would be very much appreciated!

SONG: Norgaard - The Vaccines
BLOG: The Londoner
YOUTUBE: ExamSolutions ... yes, really.
TV: Revenge
BOOK: Paper Towns - John Green

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