Friday 19 April 2013

After hearing a certain YouTube makeup guru -cough- Gossmakeupartist -cough- rave about the German brand Zoeva with extremely, extremely cheap brushes... how could I resist? My everyday brush collection is made up mainly of Real Techniques brushes much like many a beauty blogger, however after itching to get a few more eye detailer brushes in my life, I decided to pick up some of Zoeva's offerings.

The only face brush I ordered, the 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek, is very similar to the Sigma Angled Face Brush, and retails for £9.75. Unfortunately, this is the brush which I was most disappointed with in terms of quality; although the brush is cut nicely the bristles are not up to my softness standards, and after washing I did experience the slightly musky smell which I only associate with lower quality brushes. 

Where Zoeva really excell are in their eye defining range. My favourite of the bunch I picked up is the 228 Crease brush (£5.30), a long tapered, extremely soft and slightly pointed socket brush which is perfect for cut crease work or even soft blending of shadows. It is also fantastic for defining the outer V or inner corner. Similar to this was the slightly more pointed, stubbier 231 Petit Crease brush (£5.30) which is also good for the purposes previously listed, in addition to being fantastic at blending out colour underneath the eye, thanks to its tapered end. Last but not least, Zoeva's 227 Soft Definer brush (£5.30) draws obvious parallels with the now infamous MAC 217, a soft and easy to use blending brush, perfect for a wash of colour or a little hardcore blending through the crease.

Although my best advice is to give the face brushes a miss, the eye brushes are seriously something special and you cannot go wrong at a fiver a brush! You can pick up Zoeva brushes from Love Makeup, or if you're international try Zoeva's site.

Also, I have a new twitter account for my blog... @BeautylishiousH!

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the story of March

Friday 12 April 2013

The top photo is a shot of Durham Cathedral, from a quick visit last month to the university. The town is beautiful, all cobbles and little quaint shops... and just a stones throw from the hustle of Newcastle... why ayeee. I fell a little bit in love with the cathedral, the interior is honestly one of the most stunning buildings I have ever been in; beautiful beautiful architecture!

I'm also on Easter away from school, which means revision, revision, revision... exams are in 7 weeks. someone. help. me. But that doesn't mean there isn't a little time for play between long and arduous bouts of revision. Student night and jagerbombs were just calling my name!

Also the rather bizarre shot of my mushroom, sausage, bacon, pesto, pasta combo is in reference to my brand new cooking skills I am currently cultivating in the hopes that at university I will not die of scurvy. Currently I have pasta, risotto, potatoes and soup under my belt and I am hoping to expand my vast repertoire of student friendly meals so please give me recommendations. My inner Nigella is itching to be let loose on the world!

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BOOK: Easy by Tamara Webber - a very, very easy read as the title may suggest. 
Although currently I am immersed within 'Tis Pity She's A Whore and The Wife of Bath, oh A-level English how I despise you.
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