my holy grail products 1.0

Friday 5 October 2012

The term 'holy grail' has been thrown around Beautylishious frequently in the past without a care. I have professed multiple items to be absolutely and utterly perfect products such as GOSH Darling lipstick and the mascara I frequently raved about in my earlier years; Max Factor False Lash Effect. While both of these were top favourites back in the day, as Beautylishious has grown older and my makeup experience is a little more extensive I have a whole new range of products which have been firm favourites for a very long time. And so commences my new mini-series of my holy grail items in the spotlight...

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is literally my saving grace during my weekly nail painting ritual. It cuts down nail drying time from about 30 minutes of being terrified of smudging, or god forbid, imprinting on my nails, to a task of just 3 minutes. And you can even paint this over already wet nails! I have continually been complimented on my nails while wearing this, with the top comment being 'are those gels?' because the finish it leaves is so shiny and perfect it looks far from a home manicure! And as for chipping, well don't expect absolute miracles as it performs as any normal topcoat does; with just this on my nails I get about 3 days with no chip wear. However, my secret nail recipe includes a base coat of any old clear polish, two coats of colour and then one coat of regular top coat (I use Barry M usually) and a swipe of this on top to speed dry them. Seems excessive, but trust me, perfect nails will be yours for around 5 days, if not more!

I will hopefully be back soon with some more of my 'holy grail' products, but in the mean time, what are yours?!