Sunday 23 February 2014

Jumper* - Sugarhill Boutique   Leggings - Primark   Lipstick - Hourglass Opaque Rougue Riviera
Hourglass Riviera. Infamous in the blogging world and now an absolute staple for a big night out or just a casual flash of blood orange to spice up the ultimate all-grey ensemble. This little wonder tube has lasting power like no other i've tried and the colour packs a huge in your face punch without being overly drying during the winter months.

Today I wore it with my leather look legging which are still going strong after half a year of continual wear... Primark finally you did something right!? Over the top was a simple white tshirt and my favourite clothing item of the moment, a slouchy, oversized, lace detailed jumper from Sugarhill Boutique. Paired with a leather jacket, scuffed up biker boots and a beanie this is my go-to uni outfit at the moment, with just the right balance of comfort and effort rolled into one look!

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