the perils of working in Boots.

Sunday 25 September 2011

Here's a few recent accidental purchases courtesy of being surrounded by makeup all day long...

Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Balm
How have I never tried this before!? Best lip balm in the world alert!

Rimmel Lipstick in Nude Delight
I love how this lipstick is like none that I have had previously and is so much more brown/beige toned than my usual go-to nudes but so wearable its perfect for everyday wear. Love.

Sleek Au Natural Palette
Although this is technically from Superdrug (across the road from Boots, are they in a conspiracy to bankrupt me!?) I thought I'd include this anyway as it is such a beaut! Perfect colours for a perfect day... or something to that effect:)

Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener
From a lot of wear and tear my nails are quite literally falling apart, chipping and flaking everywhere I go! I was in desperate need of a hard-core nail hardener so I'm giving this a try, hopefully it will cure all my nail woes and make them strong and healthy again!

Maybelline Nail Polish in Ivory Rose
I have been looking for the perfect 'nude' polish forever, and when I saw this on Makeup Savvy I was convinced it was the perfect nude for me! Its a beautiful colour, although could do with a bit more pigment, after three coats it still wasn't perfectly opaque, however thats to be expected with the uber-pale polishes!

Hopefully this will be my last haul type post in a while, as my cash flow is at an all time low after buying a brand new laptop today, huraahhhh! Get ready for post upon post delivered to you through my new Dell Inspiron N5040!


Monday 19 September 2011

Being able to wear nail polish freely, without a teacher yelling, screaming or having a breakdown at the fact my nails are coloured is extremely new to me. Now I have so much more freedom with my 'uniform code', nail colour is a necessity, is is quickly becoming my obsession. For years I had wondered what all the fuss was about regarding nail polish, but recently my love for all things nail related has been growing. Rapidly.

Accessorize is my recent discovery in the nail world, their polishes are just so beautiful! This is my current favourite polish, Bronze, and I am extremely tempted to go and pick up one or five more colours from their range this weekend!

Bronze is a metallic, yellow, green, red, brown, gold... every colour of the rainbow, duo-chrome polish.

It is too beautiful for words.

Even as I type this, I cannot stop staring at my nails, and they are an extreme distraction in school! The colours are perfect for the fast approaching Autumnal months and will be a firm favourite in my book for a while to come.

What are your favourite Autumn nail polishes?!

sixth form wardrobe.

Sunday 11 September 2011

The best and worst part of entering the daunting new world of Sixth Form at school is without a doubt the clothes. On the good side, spending mother's money on a few new dresses is always a fun experience, especially when you can claim your beautiful new skirt is 'school uniform' to guilt said mother into buying it for you, mwahah. However, as I have discovered, not having to wear a uniform to school is a major minefield. Every night having to pick a fresh new outfit for the next morning while looking smart, 'fashionable' and complying with the dress code is a major task in its self, not to mention the stress of actually being able to wear proper makeup for school... amazing but also extremely time consuming.

So here are a few of my picks for my upcoming weeks at school...

Dress- Primark
Dress - Zara, Cardigan - H&M
Dress - Zara
Shirt - H&M, Skirt - Zara
Blouse - H&M, Skirt - Primark
Shirt - H&M, Skirt - Matalan, Belt - Primark, Blazer - H&M

Please excuse the extremely posey shots and questionable lighting, the weather conditions really were not on my good side! These photos were taken in my garden, a slight improvement I think over my normal bedroom setting with clutter surrounding me at every angle!

Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be adding a few more items to my ever growing 'sixth form wardrobe' and will not have to resort to wearing the same skirts 5 times a week just yet!

Have a good week beauties and my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by 9/11 ♥

a sky full of lighters.

Tuesday 6 September 2011

I went off gallivanting abroad for a week to Cala D'or in Majorca, which is the most beautiful place in the world. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, but its marina is stunning and we stayed in a lovely little apartment near the main town and just a few minutes walk from the marina.

It was such a nice little holiday consisting mainly of lemming by the pool, hanging with the 'crew' (mum, dad and sister), and eating copious amounts of extremely unhealthy food...

Dress - H&M

So depressing that with the end of the holiday came the end of summer and, *sob*, the start of school.

6th form here I come...