mascara overload.

Saturday 26 March 2011

I am ashamed to admit that I have a problem. This problem has only reared its ugly hear during the last few months, but it seems to be getting worse and worse.

I have an addiction to mascara.

L-R Primark Eye Can't Go Wrong, Revlon Grown Luscious, Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash, Max Factor False Lash Effect, L'oreal Voluminous, Max Factor Lash Extension Effect, Models Own Mascara
BTW, im a geek and the mascaras are lined up so that the order goes from the center to the edges; best to worst 8)

Having previously been a religious owner of just Max Factor mascaras (my absolute favourite being False Lash Effect) I am now venturing into unknown mascara brands to me...

And I can't stop. That is why, for my own good, I have instigated a mascara ban, to try and cur the self-inflicted pain on my bank balance. I have an unopened L'oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara waiting in the wings, which I am only allowed to open when I finish another mascara, and under no circumstances am I to buy any more mascaras. At all.

Although right now I am craving another False Lash Effect... I have yet to find a mascara to trump this, and mine is almost gone, sob sob.

Must. Stop. Buying. Mascara.

My absolute favourite mascaras give a whole load of volume, length and generally amazing lashes... without the clumps. But isn't that what every girl wants from her mascara?! I find that the closest I can get to my perfect lashes is a combo of Max Factor False Lash Effect (2 coats) and then a swipe of L'oreal Voluminous, although I do find this pretty damn clumpy.

How do you get your perfect lashes?

And if you do have any recommendations for some wonderful mascaras you love, pop them in the comments please :) For reference when the ban finishes. Probably. Tee hee ;)

Oh and, before I forget...
Its Friday, Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)... oh wait, its Saturday *headesk*


  1. Nice collection! I also have a bit of a mascara edition and really shouldn't buy another until I've used up at least two of my current collection...x

  2. Same, i have a problem, i must have about 10 all have been used! May be ruthless and just chuck a few oldies.

    You should check out Natural collections range, only £1.99 and they are so good! easy on the purse to ;)


  3. Clinque high impact & benefit bad gal lash! x

  4. I'm totally loving Rimmel's Bold Curves mascara at the moment :)


  5. I totally understand, lol.
    I love mascara but my addiction are eyeshadows, I cant stop buying them!
    You should listen to Prom night by Rebecca Black. lol

  6. L'Oreal Volume Million lashes is AMAZING. :d open it open it open it!!!


  7. Great collection! I love mascara! xx

  8. OMG I totally feel your pain ahahah! I have non-existant lashes and I feel the urge to buy every new mascara that comes out!

  9. Luckily my mascara obsession is under control atm, but now you've mentioned the Max Factor false lash effect, I might just have to go out and buy it...!
    Love the little singing section at the end it makes me laugh how that song was released on a Monday too..

  10. Nice post:) I love buying new mascaras - even though in the end they all pretty much just end up making my eyelashes look the same! The one mascara I really do recommend is the rimmel glam eyes mascara - it has a plastic comb wand which makes your eyelashes really clump free!x

  11. I can't say I'm a mascara fan, due to the fact I touch my eyes to much, it makes it hard to put on makeup!

  12. I really want to try the collection 2000 one, I've heard so many good things about it!xx

  13. Dont worry your not that addicted, I have 20:s! Try one by one by maybelline to be honest its not that good the packaging is just great! Also lancome hypnose is great but quite expensive! Also have you tried bad gal lash?

  14. I love mascara's and trying out new ones... stupidly addicted! :L

  15. I love mascara too but I try and keep myself down to a small number :)
    Id recommend Lash Accelerator by Rimmel :) x

  16. i really want to try revlon grow luscious! xo

  17. I'm obsessed with mascaras at the moment! :)

    Lovely blog, I'm now following!! xxx

    Please could you do the same back ? :D xxx

  18. I LOVE THIS BLOG! literally addicted to all make up as well! but when i cant be bothered, loads of mascara looks good on its own! ITS A BEAUTIFUL CREATION! check out my blog:

  19. I am totally obsessed with mascara too, amongst other things. I really should start using them up before I buy new ones =)

  20. I have Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash & Max Factor False Lash Effect - love them both :)
    & I have a mascara addiction too! I'm putting myself on a ban from buying more!! x

  21. Your blog is so beautiful.
    My fav mascara is the pink & green one by Maybelliene (Great Lash i think?)xx

  22. Hello! I found the blog recently, but I figured it's pretty cool!
    I love this blog, I'm already following!
    Keep up the good work! : D


  23. Trust me hun, Bojours Liner Effect Mascara is genunienly the best mascara I have ever used!


  24. @LilyLipstick- Haha, nice to know im not the only one! :)

    @Fudgesmoothiesmakeup- I need to chuck a few of mine away too! Iv tried the Natural Collection ones and they arnt too bad for the price! :)

    @Emily- They are on my 'want' list!

    @Kirsti x- Sounds great, il have to try!!

    @Bronzed Doll- Omg, Prim Night is actually painful to listen to hahaha!! :)

    @x . . .E m z i i . . .x- eeeek dont tempt me! ;)

    @Reyna @fashionmist♥- Me too, its awesome!!

    @G A B Y- Hahaa, and they all claim the same amazing lashes, only a few actually do though!!

    @Olivia- Deffo try False Lash Effect, its amazing!! It was relised on a Monday!? LOOOL!

    @Emma♥- I agree, most mascaras are quite similar!!

    @Amy McDonnell- Aww thats a shame!

    @Holly- Its lovely, dries up sooo fast though, i need a new one!

    @Anonymous- I have tried bad gal lash, and i wasnt too impressed to be honest, but Lancome one looks lovely!!

    @JodieMoores- They are so so addictive!

    @Gemma- Ive heard good things about it!

    @Fern- Its alright, i but i wouldnt reccommend hugely!

    @Hannah.- Thankyou hun, and sure!

    @Emily Alice- I agree, when im being lazy, just loads of mascara works!

    @Vida- Me too haha, its a bad addiction!

    @..R May A..- They are amazing! And good on you, shame bans are so difficult haha!

    @Opal Stevens- Sure and thanks!

    @JustLikeJasper♥- Thankyouu! :) And i love maybelline mascaras as well, mine dried up though :(

    @ CandyGirllNM- Aww thanks sweetie!

    @joanna- Ohh sounds great, ill have to try! :)


  25. I absolutely loveeeee Falsh Lash Effect! Its the best mascara I've ever tried :D

    I'm using Avon Super Shock at the mo, it was a bargain and I really like it! Volumises and lengthens and it has a pretty large brush..


  26. I get carried away too especially when it comes to drugstore mascaras.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  27. You should try Maybelline Colossal if you haven't already! It's so good at volumizing and separating the lashes.