prom practice makeup 1.0

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Colour Palette, UD Naked Palette (Creep & Gunmetal), L'oreal Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara, Avon Supershock Gel Liner, NYX Peach Blush, Gosh Darling

With prom night looming ever nearer (30th June to be precise), I'm starting to panic about what makeup I'll be wearing on the all-important night! My dress is a dark purple-y colour with silver beading so I'm looking for something soft and shiny with accents of purple, a flawless base and nude-ish lips.

The look above was just a practise piece and is a little too blue-toned for my liking, although I'm hoping to do something reasonably similar but with more purple and mahoooosive false lashes... you know, for that 'natural' look ;)

I also really want to get MAC Face & Body foundation as a base for the event, however I'm hesitant to buy  as I will be getting a major spray tan a few days before prom- pale child that I am! But the downside is that I have no idea how tanned I will be so cannot predict the colour I will need for my base.

But in regards to being ready for prom, which is scarily only one month away... eeeek, I am feeling pretty damn ready! Dress- check, shoes- check, makeup- almost check, limo- check. The only things left on the to-do list are to alter the length of my dress (at the moment its about a mile long), figure out what exactly I'm doing for my hair and finally find a matching bag! Not much then...


  1. Hannah, your makeup looks gorgeous! Prom is hilarious with all the teachers dressed up to rival everyone! x

  2. Your make up is gorgeous, you'll look great on the night! x

  3. You look lovely!! My school didn't even have a prom, how unfair is that :( x

  4. I like it but I agree that a more purple-ish colour would look better with a purple dress :D

  5. It looks gorgeous and i'm sure with hint of purple thrown in it'll compliment your dress just right :) x

  6. this is gorgeous! i think a bronzey, corally shadow with winged liner would look beautiful! <3

  7. i love this look :) maybe some purple eyeliner will bring the colour out in the dress


  8. This looks beautiful :) Would love to see a picture of your dress! x

  9. Wow you look amazing! I can't wait to see your dress :) Ah I'd look so weird with a spray tan xx

  10. Aw you look lovely Hannah! I think a darker lipstick would look gorgeous x

  11. You look lovely, I love the eyes! Would be great to see your dress :) xx

  12. you should try something with your eyebrows' inner corners. fill it in a little more and cut longer hair, that try to grow up, not outwards. it'll look much better.

  13. this looks really good! x

  14. I need to start doing more trials for mine! Got everything but makeup ready!

  15. That looks so good, would love to see a tutorial on it :)
    check me out-

  16. it looks so beautiful!
    i just had my prom, it was amazing :-)
    have fun Hannah

  17. Very pretty prom make up, I especially love the eyes :)

  18. Prom date-check :p hehe xx

  19. My last prom before uni is coming up on the 25th and this has reminded me I need to do a run through of my make up asap:)
    and I love this look, but I agree a touch more purple would make it perfect!! x

  20. Looks gorgeous! It's okay, i literally left everything to the last minute! The limo was literally booked just the weekend before... haha. Ooh, your dress sounds gorgeous, sounds like a purple-y accented makeup look would go really well with it! You should deffo do a post on your prom after it. :) xoxo

  21. Ooh this looks stunning! enjoy your prom I so wish I could do it all again! xx

  22. @Jenny- Ohh cant wait!:) Did you enjoy yours?!

    @Julie- Thankyou hun, hopefully il be able to do something nice on the night!:)

    @DaintyMakeup- Aww thats so mean, you should have held your own one ;)

    @Lauren- Thanks sweets!

    @Grace- Definately agree, i think i will try something more purpley soon!:)

    @Fudgesmoothies- I hope so, im sure purple will look a lot better!:)

    @Fern- Ohh that does sound nice i must admit, i will try it out soon!:)

    @Charlotte- Thats what i was thinking, maybe next time i try it out!:)

    @Holly- I will post a picture on the 1st of July!:)

    @Kelly- Lol you should get one and see what its like, im sure it would look lovely!:)

    @Sophie- Thankyou sweetie! Not sure about darker lips tough, im a bit scared of darker colours haha!

    @ForeverGlitter- Il do a post on my dress and things after prom!:)

    @Jane- Haha, thanks hun, my eyebrows have been looking a bit sparse as of late!

    @SOPHFE- Thanks hun!

    @Laura- Thankyouuu

    @Lisa- Ohh put your makeup looks on your blog, would love to see how your doing yours!:)

    @fayeolivia- Haha, i can do one if you want me to!:)

    @Jodie- Ohh i hope you had a great time!:)

    @LadyBugSays- Thanks hun, i quite like the eyes too!:)

    @tamaraax- Hahaha, definately ;)

    @Radiant.MakeUp- Ohh good luck with yours sweetie would love to see what makeup you do!:)

    @Laura- Haha, you looked gorgeous in your prom pictures! I will deffo do a prom post in July!:)

    @Nicola- Aww thankyou! I bet you loved prom!:)


  23. I like this look. And I want to try same