cranberry lips.

Friday 23 December 2011

Stating the obvious there, but I'm finally starting to get a little bit excited for the big day! As I've gotten older it feels like Christmas is gradually losing its magic, however I know on Christmas morning I'll be transported back in time to when I was 5 again, and the magic with be back.

I wore the makeup above to a Christmas Pantomime a few weeks ago, and the 'its behind you!'s and watching Widow Twanky cavort around the stage really started to ignite my Christmas spirit. Its always lovely watching everyone come together at Christmas time, and of course it was a perfect opportunity to wear some festive type makeup!

I felt extremely brave wearing out 'cranberry' coloured lips to the theatre, even though it was dark I still felt a bit exposed with bight red garish lips on, but hey- its Christmas so who cares?! Ironically, I despise Cranberry Sauce, its all about the gravy for Christmas lunch!

I used my Collection 2000 Lip Liner in Watermelon and my Sleek Lipstick in OMG to create a darker lip and of course my beloved Naked Palette on the eyes for a little sparkle!

I hope your all well and looking forward to the big day in just 1 sleep, 2 hours and 31 minutes as of right now!

Merry Christmas & Have A Fantabulous New Year ♥


  1. Gold eyeshadow is a staple all year round i think, in summer it looks gorgeous as well!:) xx

  2. Aw thankyou lovely! Its just the flash haha, hides all the flaws lol!:)
    I wore something similar to this one christmas day, so thankyou for the comment!:) xxx

  3. Im hoping too yes, it looks amazing!:) xxx

  4. amazing . Are you going to get the Naked 2 pallete ?
    The eye makeup is fab !

  5. How beautiful do you look?! Amazing. Your skins so flawless - and the red lips really suit you by the way. You should definately wear this for christmas! Have a lovely time, xxxx

  6. love your eye make up, i love using all the festive colours this time of year, gold eyeshadow is my favourite :)
    and you really suit the lipstick to,

  7. Thankyou sweetie! I never wear dark lips so it was a bit weird for me! xxx

  8. susannah_bonaldi13 January 2012 at 22:53

    Love the colour you have on your lips!

    Merry Christmas!


  9. vow.. I like your makeup very much. Especially the lip makeup is very attractive.