guest post; organic makeup helps cancer sufferers.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Recently I was contacted by Jackie Clark (her blog's here!) who works for Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, raising awareness about a rare type of cancer that occurs in the thin layer of cells lining the body's internal organs. Her motto is every woman should feel beautiful no matter what situation they are in, her exact words being 'I would like to share with your audience the reality of cancer and how women can say 'YES I have cancer', but I am no less beautiful than I was before my diagnosis.' Her message was so strong I jumped at the chance of her guest posting on Beautylishious, so I hope you find her article informative and interesting... 

There are many instances in a woman’s life where she is tempted to go organic. The local farmers market is full of organic fruits and vegetables and local supermarkets are increasing their supply of organic produce and other products for the public. Organic items, as a whole, are much better for women than products and foods that are not created organically. Buying organic is a nationwide epidemic that is a good one to have. Aside from food, there are several different products on the market that are created organically, including makeup, which is always a feel good tool for women. 

Women that are facing a rare form of cancer, such as mesothelioma cancer are likely in need of a feel good tool, which is where organic makeup comes in handy. The thought of going through cancer treatments is one that is intimidating and scary to many women; it is also something that can quickly remove a woman’s sense of confidence and power, leaving her feeling exposed and out of control. Something that is of crucial importance for women that are suffering from cancer is that they feel good about themselves. Feeling good is a way to improve the quality of their life, which is something they must do to improve their mood and increase their positive reaction to their cancer treatments

One way that never fails to make a woman feel more confident and beautiful is to put on makeup and make an effort to be the fabulous woman she was before she was diagnosed with cancer. Organic makeup is something that can make women feel even better about themselves because it is better for their skin, better for the environment and it is all around healthier and safer. Not only will wearing organic makeup make them look and feel more gorgeous, beautiful and confident, it will make them feel better as a person because they are doing something good for the environment by going organic. 

Additionally, another benefit of organic makeup is that it is good for a woman’s skin. Using organic makeup means not using harsh chemicals and additives on a woman’s skin, which means her skin will be healthier, more natural and more gorgeous as a result of the makeup she chooses to wear. There is no downfall to switching makeup brands and going organic.

There is nothing that makes a woman feel more powerful and strong than the way she looks. While it is no secret that cancer can make a woman feel badly, she doesn’t have to look bad. She can regain her confidence and her strong persona by using organic makeup to make herself feel better. Feeling better is a great way to beat cancer.

Please excuse the totally unrelated picture, let my massive teddy make you feel better... because what's a blog post without a picture!?