new york, new york

Friday 8 March 2013

-U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A.!-
 -Rockefeller Center-
-Top o' the Rock!-
-Observation Deck-
-Ground Zero-
-The plaques surrounding the 9/11 memorial-
-The Hudson River-
-Looking across the pond at Jersey City-
-Lady Liberty-
-Breakfast at Normas... beats Tiffanys everytime!-
-Central Park with snow on the ground!-
-The Met Steps (ie. sit at the top unless you're a loser!)-
-My very first LadurĂ©e Macarons-
-Times Square vs Empire State-
-The top of the Empire State at night... perfect-

New York in winter is really something. Freezing temperatures and snow flurries aside, the city is like a perfect, frozen picture of hustle, bustle and buzz everywhere; I'm not sure if I could ever get bored of New York! This was my very first visit, hopefully of many, and of course our 4 day trip was crammed chock-a-block with the typical tourist destinations- Rockefeller, Empire State, Lady Liberty, Broadway, Central Park... and of course Fifth Avenue (but more on my purchases next time!) I stayed in the Affinia Manhattan hotel, literally across the road from Madison Square Gardens and a stones throw away from Times Square. 

Surprisingly, one of my absolute favourite parts of the trip was walking down the edge of the Hudson River on the sunniest, clearest day we could have wished for. The Hudson River and views of the statue of Liberty were absolutely beautiful, and combined with an emotional visit to Ground Zero (where two massive water features commemorate the 9/11 plane crashes) and a trip to Magnolia Bakery (oh my their red velvet cakes are to die for!), Downtown was a brilliant experience... except the subway ride down which was like a slightly dirtier version of the Tube, if thats even possible!

Another highlight was brunch at a restaurant near Central Park called Normas, where I literally ate heaven in the form of caramel french toast. Combined with trips to Bills, Ellen's Stardust Diner and Shake Shack, the food was goooooood even though I was permanently in the state of either famished and ready to pass out or completely stuffed with food and ready to throw up.

All in all, New York was perfect, and I need to go back. Soon.

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  1. this looked amazing! the 9/11 memorial looked sad though, can imagine it to feel a bit eery! xo

    1. It really is, i got a little bit emotional actually! xx

  2. Wow amazing pictures, so jealous I went once when I was younger but I really didn't appreciate it. I would love to go back now and fufill my Gossip Girl dream by sitting on the met steps :)

    1. Aww, i loved fulfilling my gossip girl dreams! I hope to go back soon! xx

  3. Awww I'm so jealous, NY looks amazing I NEED to go there

    A little bit Unique