Brighton Rocks

Sunday 11 August 2013

A month or so ago I went to visit Brighton for a friend's 18th birthday, and apart from the weather being a little blah and windy, I loved my first visit to the little seaside town. Brighton is pretty beautiful, the lanes shopping is especially fabulous, and of course the pier and beach are massive favourites. Apart from a small incident with a rather over friendly diving seagull, I had the best time.

I wore my favourite red dress from River Island which always instantly screams summer and brightens my mood even if everyone and their mother already owns it, paired with black tights and my bright blue cable knit jumper from H&M to counteract the pretty harsh wind. Clashing primary colours is the way forward! Plimsoles are completely necessary with long days and lots of tourist sight seeing to do, so my comfy navy shoes from Primark were a perfect addition to my outfit.

We spent much of the day running around on the beach, eating alllll the food ever made and of course went dancing off into the night as soon as sunset hit. Makes you realise how much fun staying in the UK can actually be, not that I will be swearing off my sunny summer holidays anytime soon!
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  1. Love your outfit! Sounds like you had a really good time in Brighton

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  2. ah love that dress, been after it for weeks! Also love Brighton, it has such a nice atmosphere xxx

    1. I am obsessed with this dress! I found a size 18 in the RI sale and snapped it up haha, i just belt it to try and give it some shape! xx

  3. Beautiful pictures, im in love with your outfit (:


  4. You look adorable! I love layering a sweater over a dress. It's such a comfy but put together look.

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