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Tuesday 3 September 2013

Face; Real Techniques Contour Brush, Blush Brush, Expert Face Brush, Deluxe Crease Brush, Buffing Brush, Zoeva 127
Eye; Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, Detailer Brush, Cozzette D300, ELF Defining Eye Brush, RT Pixle-Point Eyeliner Brush, ELF Eye Crease Brush, Zoeva 227, Unknown Angled Brush, Zoeva 231, Zoeva 228
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Embarrassingly, this is only my everyday brush collection, or at least the ones I reach for on a slightly more regular basis that I like to have on hand. I have at least 2 (wince!) more brush organisers with a whole load more brushes which rarely see the light of day and are currently gathering dust in a draw, forgotten and unused!

Of course, like any beauty blogger, my collection consists largely of Real Techniques by the infamous Samantha Chapman. Her face brushes, especially the ever popular Buffing Brush make foundation application literally a quick swipe, 5 second step to perfect skin, and her Deluxe Crease Brush will forever be a favourite of mine for quick and easy concealer application. I also adore her Contour Brush for pinpoint application of cream blush and use her Blush Brush adversely to add a smattering of powder over any shine. My Zoeva 127 is extremely useful for adding powder blush as a final step to ramp up the colour- you can never be too blushed is my motto! Finally my Expert Face Brush is often neglected until I rediscover its extraordinary ways of blending out any over application of foundation or colour all over the face!

In terms of eye brushes, Real Techniques are not as potent, yet I adore the Base Shadow Brush for a quick and easy wash of colour. I also use both the Detailer Brush and Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush for inner corner highlights, whereas actual eyeliner application is reserved for the supreme power of the Cozzette D300. Blending and crease work is taken to new levels by the magical Zoeva 227, 231 and 228 along with detail work using my old but trusty ELF Defining Eye Brush and Crease Brush. Finally an old faithful angled brush which has neither a name or brand is reserved for brow use when I want a bolder look.

Although of course I don't use all these brushes on an everyday basis, they are all my absolute favourites and are amazing at their jobs! What are your favourite brushes?

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  1. Great collection of brushes :o). Xx

    1. Thanks sweetie! Cant live without my brushes! xx

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  3. Oh gosh this is so true, brushes are so much more important than people realize. I always recommend throwing away the little brushes and applicaters that come with the makeup and getting good quality brushes like you show here. I love your natural makeup look and believe it or not these tips are even more important for older women since lousy application means looking older LOL. Great tips you would be a great blog partner. XOXO Patty Pasadena from Beauty tips and Swimsuit tips.