the 10 commandments of a beauty blogger

Friday 25 July 2014

  1. Thou shalt always, always, always take off one's makeup before bed, even if it is 5 o'clock in the morning and one can't see straight... pour Bioderma on one's face!!
  2. Thou shalt never, under any circumstances, use a product before photos of said product have been procured from all angles, positions, with varying backgrounds and focal points.
  3. Thou shalt own a minimum of 5 MAC lipsticks, and at least a draw full of identical brown eye shadows, which look oh so different on one's eyelids... so therefore yes, yes they are all necessary!
  4. Thou shalt always remember that google reader is now the enemy.
  5. Thou shalt use Twitter, Facebook and *shudder* even Google+ to shamelessly promote one's new post on £500 wrinkle cream... tested, of course, on 20 year old skin. #sciencebaby
  6. Thou shalt love thy's makeup like they are one's babies, protecting them from danger and mending them if they break and/or shatter.
  7. Thou shalt wear at least 10 products on one's face. At. All. Times.
  8. Thou shalt spend one's monthly wage on that month's 'most hyped' product even if one thinks it is overpriced, unoriginal and ineffective. It is a necessity that one owns it.
  9. Thou shalt own at least one item of Chanel, or one is damned to hell.
  10. Thou shalt worship Lisa Eldridge with one's life.
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  1. Hahhh I completely agree with this! I love the way you wrote it and feel I shall now live my life by it haha xx

    1. very pleased you liked it Faye, this made me smile :) xxx

  2. Haha I absolutely loved this! My Mum finds it so amusing that I will not even swatch or use a newly purchased product until photos for the blog have been taken! x

    Sarah @ xx