Vaseline, you little saviour!

Thursday 29 April 2010

One word...


Round of applause please! My little pot of Vaseline has been through thick and thin with me, and I realised only yesterday that this tiny tub of jelly is my number one beauty 'secret'! I literally put it everywhere, on dry skin, my eyelashes, lips, nails etc. etc. and it really is a miracle worker. It works wonders on my poor, dry, over mascara-ed eyelashes, making them thick and healthy again, and it is so much smoother to apply mascara after a cleansing session with my lovely pot of petroleum jelly!
And i haven't even started on it's powers on my dry skin!
The gorgeous jelly formula sinks into the skin leaving it lovely, smooth and baby soft, and is incredible for sad, cracked lips!
And at only about £1.50, this really IS a wonder product! I couldn't live without it!
So, what is YOUR 'miracle product'?
Hannah xxx


  1. Great post I love vasiline too but haven't really been using it lately :/ I don't really like how lip balms make my lips feel :/ weird I know ha-ha :) I still use it for its other uses now and again though :)

    Hmm! I don't know if I have a miracle product lol! Lip gloss? I can't go any where without it I have about 10 different ones in my bag! And then about 4 in my coat pockets and then a few in my locker at college :| lol i'm literally obsessed! x

  2. Havent using it lately but thanks for the review.I'm going to start surelly using it again.I used it a lot in my pregnacy and it worked soo good!

  3. hmm, i've never tried it on my lashes.. it sounds like a good idea though!
    I guess my lashes are going to be getting a treat tonight :)
    I love your blog, and my 'miracle product' is probably bad gal lash.. it's a bit pricey but its the only mascara that makes my lashes look decent :P

  4. @Nicola- hahayeah sometimes lip barms are a bit weird, and i love lipgloss too, although lately im really into lipstick! :)

    @lovelyviolet5- yeahh its a really good staple product :)

    @..R May A..- it really does work great on lashes! And iv never tried bad gal lash, but i might now :)


  5. Vaseline is amazing!
    I use it as a gel for my eyebrows overnight. That way, in the morning they're a decent shape. I don't put it on in the morning though, because it makes my eyebrows look way too shiny!

    My miracle product is probably my revlon colorstay foundation. :) xx

  6. I love Vaseline!

    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! :)

  7. @Grace- oh thats a good idea, i will try it! :)

    @Iva- n'awww thanks :)


  8. I use the Balm Balm lip balm. It is completely natural and organic. It smells like roses because it contains rosewater I think.
    It comes in a cute little pot so you can take it everywhere with you. You can use it anywhere not just on your lips.
    I really recommend it. Lloyds Pharmacy sell it for £2, which is really cheap for a natural and organic product. I think they have it in Superdrug for about £2.50 or £3 xx

  9. @me:)- ohh sound great, i might try it :)