My top 5 beauty products at the moment :)

Friday 16 April 2010

My first real post, ohhh how exciting! :)
This is all about my top five beauty products. These are the little wonders which I use daily and seem to be miracle workers in what they do...
The simple fact is that i'm not the richest girl in the world and I can't quite afford the top end brands like MAC and Nars ect. very often, so most of my make-up collection is made up of humble brands such as Maybelline and other highstreet names. BUT i'm a firm believer that you don't need to spend an arm and a leg just to get good quality make-up, and i'm happy to go for cheaper brands, if they look like they will do a good job. So here we go...

1. Neutrogena Pure Glow Summer Boost Moisturiser

This product is an absolute lifesaver when the weather is just turning sunny and I realise I need a quick boost for my skin. It adds a healthy glow to my face without being to heavy, but is nicely moisturising which is an added bonus! Over time it produces a healthy looking tan and it's easy to apply in place of your normal moisturisor! I love it, and it was an absolute bargain from the pound shop! :D

2. Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara


This is possibly one of my favorite mascaras ever and I seem to go through about 5 of these a year... whoops. :) It's perfect for separating lashes and making them long and thick but not clumpy. The jet black formula helps to make my eyes really stand out and it is very easy to apply- i <3 it!

3.  MAC Lipstick in Hue


This lipstick is one of my all time favourites. It is the perfect rose pink/nude and is so versitile you can wear it anywear. It is also a perfect consistency, and is not so creamy that it sits in the lines of your lips makeing them look dry. It's so easy to apply and looks good for everyday wear. It is one of my only MAC products, and I will always treasure it as being my first 'designer' make-up piece :).

4.  Batiste Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is literally my hero in a pink can. I used to have this problem- not washing my hair for days and being too lazy to go and shampoo it, getting up the next day and being brought almost to tears by the greasy, uncontrollable, bird's nest that was my hair. That was until I dicovered THIS. It is perfect for days when you just cannot be bothered and need a quick pick me up to make your hair look amazing. And at only £1.99 a pop from superdrug, anyone can afford to banish greasy hair forever.

And finally... drum roll please...

5. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

This little pot of amazing has lasted me months and months, and is my go to product when ever I am in need of quick and easy makeup. It can literally be applied in seconds, with minimal blending and still look gorgeous! I wear ivory, as im quite fair skinned, which I think is the perfect colour for me, but they have a good range of shades for different skin tones. And who can forget the very best part of this foundation...

the very first application from a new pot, as it really is sooo smooth and dreamy :)

I hope you enjoyed this, so what are your favourite beauty products at the moment? Leave a comment... :)


  1. I'm also too lazy to wash my hair! xd
    I'll get a dry shampoo as soon as possible!
    Alícia, xx.

  2. Hahaha me too, such a good product for busy people, thanks for commenting :)x

  3. Dry Shampoo, Hue Lipstick, Dream Matte mousse. They all work wonders.
    Lovely blog!

  4. N'awww thankyou :) I'll check out your blog too :) xx