30 Things I Want To Do ♥

Saturday 20 November 2010

After reading the lovely Laura's post on the 30 things she wants to do in life, I was inspired by her amazing dreams to start my own list...

  1. Write a book
  2. Dye my hair blonde
  3. Go to Italy (a slightly strange life-long dream :)
  4. Find the 'perfect' boy for me
  5. Own a room full of makeup (obsession, much?)
  6. Sing in public
  7. Write a song
  8. Move to America
  9. Become a Beauty Journalist
  10. Learn to do a flip
  11. Go on a road trip
  12. Start making YouTube videos
  13. Appreciate my real friends and forget the impersonators
  14. Learn how to play guitar
  15. Give to a charity
  16. Run a marathon
  17. Open a little shop, selling makeup, jewellery, sweets; all the amazing things in life
  18. Have a friend who lives in a totally different country
  19. Have the perfect Christmas
  20. Make a snow angel
  21. Meet Taylor Swift
  22. Go to a concert (Never been to one, sob sob)
  23. Eat a whole cake, all by myself, nom nom nom.
  24. Sleep under the stars
  25. Learn to cook something other than cheese toasties
  26. Visit Liverpool and pretend I'm a local
  27. Read every single teenage fiction book there ever was
  28. Don't let other's comments get me down
  29. Do well in my GCSE's
  30. Be HAPPY


  1. So many fab ideas there - I hope you get to do them all! I might consider doing a similar post myself soon :) x

  2. lovely post =) italy is may favourite holiday destination in the world. hopefully you get to go there soon =) xx

  3. i loved this! i hope you can do them all :)and you forgot one, to blog forever ;) haha xx

  4. i want to visit italy as well!


  5. Great post! Aside from you achieving happiness, I would love to see you do youtube videos :D xxx

  6. Amazing list :) So glad you did this post, i always love reading them! You should definitely start making Youtube videos! <3 xxxx

  7. Sleeping under the stars has got to be my favourite!

    Brilliant post idea, might steal it if you don't mind!

    P.s I have a new post, too! :)

  8. I love the "own a full room of makeup" ahha
    I really like number 30!

  9. Love, love, loved reading this! Those are some wonderful wishes and I hope they come true for you! xx

  10. i agree with practically every single one! fab post :D,xxx

  11. I love the visit liverpool and and pretend I'm a local haha i live near liverpool and as a result have a slight accent so people say hehe I think I will do this post soon ;) x

  12. Aw this is fab! I also want to become a beauty journalist :) x

  13. I just did this post inspired by yours :) you have some lovely goals!


  14. what are those things up there? I love the colours and their shape. Thanks for sharing the photo and drop by me too when you have time-


  15. this is soo cool but i have a reallyy really quick question about make up which well i know you MAYYY like :) ahhaha well yh basics see i use loreal true match foundation for liek school and everyday and cus i tend to laugh and smile like alot i get like well it looks like wrinkles but i get 2 lines by my mouth from when i smile and i was just wondering how do you aviod that? i mean i moisterise and everything :P lol u probs don't know what i'm talking about but thank you for other tips on your blog!! THANKK YOOO Xxx

  16. @Nic's Notebook- Hehe i hope so too! And hope you do! :)

    @*Starsglittermagic*- I really hope i go there one day, it looks so beautiful :)

    @Grace- I wish! :)

    @Chloe- hehe, i hope i will blog forever! :)

    @D- It looks amazing there!

    @Vivianna- Hehe, maybe one day :) Hopefully i will do youtube when i get a good camera!

    @Laura xo- Aww thanks for doing it in the first place! :) And i hope to start making them soon!

    @Nat Elizabeth- Ohh i hope you do it and il check your post out! :)

    @Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea- Haha, having a makeup room is my ultimate dream!!

    @Reyna @fashionmist♥- Aww thankyou hun!

    @Holly- Hehe, we have similar taste lol! :)

    @justinejones1108- Hehe, i love scouse accents! I wish i was from liverpool, lucky thing! :)

    @Christina Marie- Ohh i hope it works out for you! :)

    @hebeflora- Ill check yours out! :)

    @Ofra Cosmetics- Thankyouu!

    @ Ellinor Forje- I think they are little paper stars, they are so cute, i found the picture on weheartit! :)

    @ELL-SEE- Aww thanks for asking me hun! :)
    To solve that you could maybe try a primer, it will create a good base for your foundation so it shouldnt settle into lines! You could also try applying thinner layers around the areas you get the lines or using a makeup setting spray like Mac Fix+ or there is a cheaper one by ELF! Hope i helped! :)


  17. such cute ideas here <3
    been reading your blog for ages but i finally set up a accont so i could make my own blog and properly follow poeple
    just wanted to say how much i love your blog and you inspired me to make my own one because im youngg too :)

  18. @H- Aww thanks so much hun! Good luck with your blog, i'll follow you :) xx

  19. you have an adorable blog.
    you seem like a doll dear.<3


  20. wow this is such a cute post :) i think im going to do one myself now hehe :) could you check out my blog and follow me? it would mean alot to know your following me :) awesome blog!

    P.S- your so prettty too! :) xx

  21. just come across your blog and its fab, now following

    eally fantastic post =) its so inspiring to hear what other people would like to do with their lives. i think a lot of people have the same basic plans (be happy being the main one!) but there are so many things that vary quite a lot too

  22. Ahhhhhhha.... many of your wishes matches with mine. But mine is much bigger.... I think

    Have fun!

  23. I love the idea of this post :)
    and loads of your wishes match what mine would be!! x

  24. Such a cute post! I'm inspired to write a list like this now. Hope all of your wishes come true :) x

  25. @julianne.- Aww thankyou so much sweetie!

    @Louisa- Ohh i hope you do it! Ill check out your blog! :)

    @Kelly Noel- Haha, thankyouu :) I really love these type of posts, reading other's is soo inspiring!

    @Sasmita- Haha, it seems a lot of people have similar dreams! :)

    @..R May A..- Thankyouu, hope yours come true!

    @Jazzy E (hivennn)- Suree, il check it out! :)

    @Tessa- Suree il check it out! :)

    @LilyLipstick- I hope you do, and i hope all of yours come true! :)