Makeup Editoral Look ♥

Saturday 13 November 2010

I am always amazed at lovely bloggers on here and on YouTube who can create astonishing makeup looks, and am jealous of their amazing editorial work they create from just a few basic products and a 'blank canvas' - face.

So, as an aspiring makeup artist/beauty journalist myself, I decided to try out a bit of 'face art', inspired by youtubers such as CosmeticsCharlotte72 and MakeupByRisa...

I used ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black, Barry M Dazzledust in Mushroom (used wet) and Benefit Lust Duster in Moon Doggie (also used wet) to create this look :)

By no means is this anywhere near as good as anything the amazing artists on YouTube and blogger can create, however I am actually quite pleased with the result, for me a makeup artistry newbie :)

I based this pattern/look on flowers and fireworks night, and played around until I came up with something decent.

Upon showing my family my makeup, I was subjected to a lot of dropped jaws and 'What have you done?!'s before they eventually gathered I was trying out a whole new look.

I'm hoping the reactions from my lovely followers will be a little less shocked, but all the same what do you think? Honest opinions please :)


  1. Totally gorgeous! If you find doing these looks fun...there's a blog called "Funny Face Beauty" that challanges you to recreate catwalk/editorial makeup looks. This time round you've to take inspiration from african tribal makeup and for every look submitted her parents will donate to an AIDS charity! I did my look last night and it was so fun! xxxx

  2. Beautiful look Hannah! Purple really suits you. Ahah, would have loved to see your parent's reactions.

    Honest Opinion: Very very pretty.

  3. Wow, this is beautiful! Purple really does look lovely on you, you look like a fairy lol :) xx

  4. wow this looks gorgeous well done! I love all the c colours!! xx

  5. Hannah thats so so pretty!!! You did an amazing job it looks like an enchanting fairy :)

    Well done!

    :) xx

  6. wow this looks so good. You used some lovely colours hannah. wish i could do that!

  7. So crazy! I should've done something like this for Halloween and been a fairy! So pretty.

  8. Wow This is really gorgeous :)

  9. Wow that is amazing Hannah! So creative, you have quite a talent there :D Just seen that my blog link is on your sidebar - thanks hun :D xx

  10. wonderful! this look is just stunning! I love the silver and purple mix.

  11. woah that's amazing, so pretty!xxx

  12. Amazing pics! I sell professional body make-up on my blog, along with all types of professional make-up and skin care products ;)

  13. Amazing :D

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  14. I think that you are really talented, it looks great for halloween!

  15. that's pretty cool! :D I like how it swirls on your nose in the picture before the last.

  16. i love how creative this is. as a mua it is so so so lovely to see genuine skill and creativity.


    Check out my blog for an eye palette giveaway you could have some serious fun with! xxx

  17. @Nic @ The War Paint Guru- Ohh i looked at this and it sound amazing, i will definately try and do it! :)

    @Sophie- Awww thankyou so much! There reactions were very funny!

    @Hannah- Haha, thankyou hun, i guess i do look a little fairy-ish!

    @Chloe- Thankyouuu <3

    @Nicola-x- N'aww thanks! :) I lovee the colours too!

    @" A beauty blogger named Justine "=- Thankyouu! Wish id done this before halloween, so i could of been a fairy!

    @Lauren- Aww thanks! Im sure you could, just play around with patterns!

    @Aimee- Hehe, i know, wish id done this before halloween!

    @Dollface- Thankyouuu hun!

    @Vivianna- Awww thankyou! Dont know about a talent but it was fun, and your welcome hun!

    @Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea- Thankyouuuu <3

    @Holly- Awwww thankyoouu :)

    @Ofra Cosmetics- ohh, i will definately have a look!

    @Grace- Sureee :)

    @Liasbubblebat- Awww thankyou! :D

    @Liliai- Haha, i know, its a bit weird, but i liked it! :)

    @Miss Jones- Aww thanks so much, that means a lot! :)

    @Jazzy E (hivennn)- Hehe, thankyou, i will have a look! :)

    @LadyBugSays- Thankyouuu! :D