my skincare routine.

Thursday 2 June 2011

When it comes to what I slap onto my skin, I like to keep things reasonably simple and gentle. My skin is by no means perfect or blemish free- however I do think that it has improved noticeably by using a regular skincare routine.

In the past I've had some major skin disasters: massive spot outbreaks, random oiliness and allergic reactions to too strong cleansers; do not use Nuetrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Cleansing Lotion if you have at all sensitive skin, that stuff is lethal...

However, over time I have finally figured out my own personal skin type (dry and a little sensitive) and worked my skincare around it. Bare in mind that if you have a different skin type these products may not work for you, but this is my skincare routine...


I am forever in a rush from the point I wake up to getting out the door, so easy, 'simple' products are a must for me in those early mornings before school. I love the Simple range because it is just that -simple. The Moisturising Facial Wash is lovely and leaves my skin feeling soft soft soft, and the moisturiser is moisturising enough for everyday without leaving my skin too greasy or shiny for the day.


Without doubt, the most loved part of my skincare routine is definitely my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, and although I was hesitant to buy it at first, it has impressed me no-end! The beautiful creamy formula leaves my skin to die for soft and clean, and when I'm being really lazy this can be the only step in my evening routine. However if I'm wearing a little more makeup which needs to be carefully removed, I generally use Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover to remove all traces of eye makeup and go over my skin first with cheap old Boots Cleansing Wipes before finishing up the last traces of makeup with my Cleanse & Polish. My last step is to apply copious amounts of Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream, which has been an absolute saviour for my constant dry skin, leaving it lovely and moisturised at all times!

After applying all of the above, the final steps before I can go off into zzzz-land is a quick spray of facial tanner (Garnier Dry Face Mist) which is an absolute life saver for me. Being so pale naturally means that in the mornings I really have to work the bronzer to get even a hint of a glow, but this tanner saves me caking on the makeup in the morning and means that most days I can go foundation-free on my face. Before bed I apply a generous amount of Vaseline to my eyelashes, add a good lip balm and dab a little Freederm onto any little blemishes I have and voila- ready for bed!

So thats my little 'skincare routine' all wrapped up!
What are your miracle skincare products!?

all of the above were purchased myself.


  1. I like this :)
    It's cool that you use the facial tanner before bed, I would never have thought of that!
    Might give it a go xxx

  2. Nuetrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Cleansing Lotion is basically paint stripper. I'm using it once or twice a week at the minute, its evil but its helped my oily skin.

  3. I'm on the look out for a facial tanner may have to go have a look at that one :-) x

  4. Wow, love this! Simple products are so lovely + soft on the skin, + i'm desperate to try Liz Earle's products after reading so many good reviews! Xxx

  5. i adore the boots botanics line, all their products are so nice and soothing. I wish I had a skin type like yours, mine oily and so hard to work with! gahh :L <3

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  7. I use the Liz Earle system (C+P, toner, moisturiser) and it's changed my skin completely. It was dry, horrible feeling and dull.. now it's amazingly soft and I don't always feel the need to slap on the makeup. I've never tried Simple, but use the Botanics eye makeup for days when I've got heavy eye makeup on. Does the vaseline actually work for you? It doesn't do anything for me :( xxx

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  9. * haha sorry typo
    I love the simple rich moisturiser, it's amazing and you only need a tiny bit!

  10. Absoloutely love Simple Skincare products :)

  11. I love Simple and Botanics skincare. Does the Freederm gel work for you because Ive used it before and it did nothing for me? :) x

  12. Fab great post. The freederm gel didn't work for me, made me worse. =[ xx

  13. Simple is really nice! But it doesn't do a lot for spots :(

    I have a giveaway going on, feel free to check it out :)

  14. simple products are lovely! :)

  15. what camera do you use/what setting? i like the clarity of your pics, they look very professional! :) check out my blog if you get a chance! :) XX

  16. this is really good info, thank u!


  17. thanks for sharing these products look awesome!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  18. I love the moisturiser! It sinks in really well:)

  19. @Lauren- it definitely helps in morning, i don’t have to cake on the slap!:)

    @louweevil- glad you agree haha! I have dry skin and it was lethal, made my skin go all red and bumpy and horrible!

    @Catherine- Its a really nice one actually, builds up a nice glow over time!:)

    @Molly Xxx- Simple products are some of my favs, they are so gentle, and try Liz Earle- C&P is fabulous!:)

    @Fern- I love botanics too! Nahh i wish i had oily skin, i hate having dry patches! I think everyone wishes they had something they dont have! ;)

    @Sophie- Wow, that’s great! I want to try more of the Liz Earle line, C&P has definitely changed my skin for the better! I don’t think Vaseline makes my eyelashes longer but if I’ve been wearing loads of mascara i think it conditions them and makes them less brittle!

    @Olivia- Yes its absolutely lovely!:)

    @EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog*- Me too, they're sooo gentle and lovely!:)

    @Gemma- To be honest im not sure able the freederm gel... i think i like to think it helps but i can’t see huge results, but iv yet to found a spot cream that does!

    @Nicola- Ohh no really?! I’m not too sure on Freederm at the moment either!

    @Beauty By Rosh- No i agree, however i think that my Cleanse and Polish does the job for spots :)

    @Jodie- They definitely are!:)

    @Emily Alice- I use a Canon Elixir and just on a normal setting, i alter my pictures by changing the contrast and brightness as my camera washes them out a bit

    @rach.- Thankyou

    @mariska- Your welcome :)

    @Steffys Pros and Cons- Your welcome hun

    @Anonymous- Agree! Its lovely! :)


  20. As its name Simple the product is simple and effective.The saying smile its simple gives a happy impression.