makeup collection&storage

Sunday 10 July 2011

This post is completely, 100% devoted to my makeup collection, and it is quite possibly the most exciting post to me that I have ever done, sad but true.

I have been building up my makeup collection over about 3 years, and although is it by no means as large as some other giant collections, I am actually weirdly proud of all my makeup! Generally, I buy all my products myself (with exceptions on birthdays etc.) and this post is aimed to show my readers my collection, not to brag about what I have!

I have organised all my makeup into different sections using two large 4-drawed towers from ASDA...

Makeup Tower 1
I also store hair bands, clips, keys and perfumes on top of it.

Makeup Tower 2
Down the side I store palettes and magazines.



Eyeliners/Mascaras/Things too big to go anywhere else!


'Everyday Makeup'
Things I use all the time.

Small Eye Palettes/Single Shadows/Pigments/Liners/Primers

Miscellaneous Lashes/Tools/Old Cases

Products I Never Use

Face Brushes/Eye Brushes
Both stored in old cups and in rice to keep them standing up!

I hope you liked this little insight into my makeup obsession! If you have any questions about particular products or want more detailed categorised collection posts feel free to comment below!:)


  1. wow, it seems hard work has been done!)
    u have a loot of different stuff, actually)haha

  2. this is very similar to how I store my makeup! xo

  3. the rice is such a good idea for the brushes mine always tip over haha lovely storage!!xoxo

  4. Woah that's a big collection! I just have one erm, medium-sized bag :p x

  5. Storage! I've been looking everywhere for decent storage. Never thought to look in Asda :)

    Great collection, I neeeed to organise mine too :)

  6. Great storage, love those containers x

  7. I really need one of those drawer units to store makeup in, it's a great idea! Love your collection :)

    Gem x

  8. Wow amazing collection you should be proud :) wish I was half as organised!! Love the rice idea too I never thought of that.. xx

  9. i love posts like this, mainly because i'm nosey! haha. you have quite a bit of makeup! My collections tiny these days. Nice to see you use a mixture of high and low end makeup! <3

  10. Nice collection! I've only been interested in makeup for just over a year, so my stash isn't nearly as big as yours. :)

    Anyways, in the picture for Foundations/Concealers/Powders/Primers, there is an item by Natural Collection. I'm curious, what is it? I don't recall seeing it.

  11. EEK I love your collection! :)

  12. I love how organised it all is, I'm trying to sort mine out at the moment and looking for some boxes like that! What do you do with the products you don't use, I'm always pretty gutted if I buy something and its rubbish I like.... what do I do with it know :/

  13. love the storage. always so good cos you can wipe it clean being plastic! :) xx

  14. I love how you have everything so organize:)

  15. @stasie- I definitely have a mixture of brands and products!:)

    @Devea- great minds think alike!

    @Katrina- the rice is a great way of stabalising brushes!:)

    @Jenny- Haha, sometimes i think i have too much makeup, but then i just go out and buy more... whoops!

    @Carina- ASDA has some great stuff! So handy and cheap!

    @Miss EBlog- They are lovely and so cheap!

    @SOPHIEsticated- Thankyouu!

    @Gem- They sell them really cheap in ASDA!:)

    @Nicola- Haha, i am proud thankyou:) and yeah the rice idea is a good tip!:)

    @Fern- I definitely have more low-end than high, im cheap when it comes to makeup ;)

    @Essie- Its a great tip!:)

    @Ally- Its a powder from NC, but i put a little puff in there for when i take it out with me- for £2 it isn't bad either!:)

    @Kathryn- Haha, thankyou!

    @LAURA*LOVES*MAKEUP- Thanks hun!

    @fayeolivia- Genrally the stuff in that 'things i never use' box are random cheap makeup i'v had for ages, so i just keep it for the sake of it haha!

    @Tamsin- Yes definitely! Mine always gets so dirty but they are pretty easy to clean!

    @bettzy93- Im a pretty organised person!:)


  16. Wow that is a lot! Nice blog x

  17. The rice in the cups to hold the brushes, is a good idea ^^