july favourites ♥

Sunday 31 July 2011

Can you believe this is the first favourites post I have posted in... ahem, a while (the start of this year to be precise!) and I have a million and one products to rave about...

Mac Face & Body Foundation in N1
Originally bought as a 'prom picture' foundation, I have grown to love my little bottle of F&B and its beautiful light and dewy coverage! It is the perfect tone for my skin, not too orange or too pink, and leaves me glowing... although not in a bad way like I've just run for the bus; always a good thing in my books!

Avon Super Shock Gel Liners in Black and Bronze
The black version of this eyeliner has been a much raved about product in the blogging community because of it's amazing opaque, 'stay in the waterline forever' talents! I too am a sucker for a long lasting jet black liner, and have also fallen for the bronzey-er version of this, which is perfect for smudging along the lash line, but not quite as opaque in the waterline.

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara
I actually received this for my birthday this year (February) but decided to save opening it until May this year, as punishment for being a total mascara whore and accidentally having about 7 on the go at once! However when I did eventually succumb to opening this mascara, I was more than a little disappointed. It had a wet formula which did not hold the curl at all in my stupidly straight lashes, the brush was so pointed it scraped my eyelids and it smelled of flowers and fields... a complete no-go for a hayfever sufferer! However, after a couple of months of being opened, the mascara has dried up slightly and now gives me lovely, dark black lashes in a couple of swipes each morning!

Batiste XXL Volume Big & Bouncy Dry Shampoo
This little gem really is just volume in a bottle, with added hair refreshing features thrown in! Not only do you get a massive bottle that revives limp and lifeless hair, but this also is my new favourite, quick and easy route to big, voluminous hair. The only downside I find to this product is the 'grey' tint it can leave you with if not rubbed in correctly, and I would love to see the colour ranges (Blonde, Brunette and Redhead) come out with a volumising aspect added too them!

NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Smokey Look
This is officially my favourite lipgloss in the world, hands down! I am by no means a 'lipgloss girl', preferring to stick to my trusty lipsticks for everyday wear, but upon discovering this gloss I was partially converted! It is not sticky, gloopy, heavy or overly glittery, it smells like sweets and it is the warmest coral colour, which looks perfect paired with Mac's Shy Girl Lipstick! I need more of these NYX lipglosses in my life!

Urban Decay Half Baked Eyeshadow
The UD Naked Palette is forever in my favourite products but this particular golden eyeshadow is my absolute perfect colour. I wear this with every eyeshadow combination I wear, whether its pressed into the inner corner, under my eyes or just patted over the lid, its looks simply gorgeous, and is the perfect texture for blending... what more could you ask of an eyeshadow?!

So that's my round up of all things amazing this month, what where your favourites of July?!


  1. Fab faves, I just got the Batiste XXL Volume and I haven't tried it yet, but I will now :-)

  2. Ahh you have many things I've been lusting after! Batiste, Avon Supershock and F&B to be exact :) Glad you think they are good, will have to get them all soon! ;)

  3. I love the urban decay naked palette and the volume million mascara - wish i could afford the mac face and body! <3

  4. I really want to try the avon liner, I don't know anyone that sells avon stuff though!

    And half baked is my go to shadow at the moment, i've got it in the sustainable shadow box (i think thats what it's called?) but it's quickly disappearing


  5. I love the Batiste XXL Volume! I wasn't expecting great things because of the price etc but it gives so much volume!

    And I reallyyy want to buy the naked palette but I'm not sure whether it's worth spending £30 on one item? I've just purchased the new MUA palette instead for the time being lol x

  6. I really want to try a mac foundation, so many people love them and they don't look to orangey! Nice favourites, am defo gonna try some of these out :) x

  7. Great favourites, that lipgloss looks like the perfect summery coral. x

  8. Great selection for your fave's! I'd have XXL in my monthy fave's every single time if I could!!


  9. I just noticed the little line of attractive males you have going on over here. -->

    I have a picture of every single one on my wardrobe. OOfft Jude Law, Ian Somerhalder and Ian Harding. Good taste.


    ps - i realise that this comment is nothing to do with your post, but i did really enjoy that too. :D xxx

  10. im definitely going to check out MAC's face and body foundation now, how long does it last would you say? :)

  11. i really want to try face & body, it sounds like such a good foundation. half baked is my fave too, i use it pretty much every day! xx

  12. It's official, we need Batiste in the US! The Naked palette is ahhh-mazing, have yet to make Half Baked work for me! Really lovely post sweetie. :) xoxo

  13. I also like the mascara and naked palette. I seriously need to get my hands on the mac face and body asap!

  14. I love NYX MegaShine Lipglosses and I'm very curious about Batiste XXL!

  15. @Claire- Hope you really like it hun, it gives major volume!

    @Yu- I hope you try them out, they are all lovely!

    @Fern- Volume million is such a fab mascara, i cant get enough!

    @Eloise- They sell them online i think as well!:)

    @Robyn- To me, the naked palette is completely worth it, its my go to palette every day and i rely on it completely!

    @Lovelain94- I find a lot of MAC foundations are too heavy for me, but i love my F&B!:)

    @LilyLipstick- It is most defntitely my fav lipgloss ever!!

    @Emma- Me too, XXL is fantastic!

    @Emily- Haha, thankyou;) I like to keep a bit of eye candy on my blog to keep my readers happy:) hehe

    @AbbyBowling- I find it lasts all day on me and i have dry to normal skin:)

    @Caroline- Half baked is just so beautiful<3

    @Laura xo- You really do need Batiste in the US! Fab brand haha!:) And try using half baked over other eyshadows, looks amazing!:)

    @bettzy93- F&B is a lovely light foundation!:)

    @G A B Y- I think they may be the best lipglosses in the world haha!:)


  16. great products! half baked is one of my all time favorite shadows as well :)