boots girl.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

So I started my job at Boots about a month ago... and so far I love it. Long hours, grumpy customers and sore feet aside, its a lovely store, with lovely people and even lovelier surrounding (makeup... ahem) and I can definitely see myself staying there a good while, although my bank balance surely isn't thanking me for it! Being surrounded by products all day makes me crave new makeup and skincare and haircare... and just about everything else. If anyone reading is looking into taking a job at Boots I would most highly recommend it:)

In other news...

I am being forced to read classics for my English A level summer work... kill me now. I have struggled my way through the Great Gatsby and am currently working on Emma, and have decided that I'm just not a classics type of girl.

I'm in love with my Sleek Blushes in Rose Gold and Pan Tao, shooooooo pweetttty! Ahem, all jokes aside these blushes are the (oh my.) and I can't get enough.

  ...and my final new obsession.. tumbrl! I love it! Follow my (rather lacking) blog here if you want to take a peep, although be prepared for a lot of TV quotes... they just make me giggle.

I'm off on holiday next week (woohoo!) to Spain so see ya laterz alligaterz.


  1. I’m so jealous, I’ve applied twice for a job at Boots now but they just don’t seem to want me ha! x

  2. Congrats on your job in boots! I'm hoping to get a job in some sort of beauty store too - I didn't realize until now that it could be harmful to the bank balance though! :P

  3. Lovely post sweetie. :) So glad you're enjoying your job! I've noticed the sore feet go away after a while, guess they just build up a tolerance! Haha. Oh & i totally know what you mean, i'm surrounded by clothes all day, can be hard resisting to splurge sometimes! Booo @ summer homework! Luckily i didn't have to read anything over the summer this year... phew! Best of luck though, classics can be so hard to get through. Those Sleek blushes look gorgeous btw, we needneedneeeed Sleek in the US! xoxo

  4. Congrats on the job at Boots. You really suit the uniform! So cute. I'd be forever buying items if I worked in a place like Boots or similar so I don't blame you haha. Have a great holiday too! xxx

  5. Haha you have a job at boots! Both my sisters work there and don't like it, the people in our local one are all racist idiots! It's good that you enjoy it though, I know I would be suffocated by all the products all day if I worked there and end up wanting everything! Those sleek blushes look gorgeous - wish my local superdrug stocked sleek! D: xxx

  6. Eeh, I feel your pain about Gatsby! I thought I was finally free, but I'm retaking my English exam and need to learn it, again!! The Boots outfit suits you! :p x

  7. I'm very jealous of your job in boots as I work in a boiling hot kitchen... I suppose I do spend less money though ;) Hope you have a fab time on holiday! xx

  8. So jealous of you working in Boots! When I move to uni next month I might apply there as it seems like a nice place to work :) xx

  9. Ohmygosh, I had to read Gatsby for my English Literature AS last year. It watch a bitch to read the first time, but after studying it in depth for a year, i kinda grew to love it. It was the poetry that killed me though, and I've dropped it now.

    Would love to work it boots btw, at the minute I'm stuck waitressing. And being as clumsy as I am, it doesn't work out too well. :D xx

  10. I am not a classics girl either, I've tried and tried but I still can't say I ever finished one. Except Pride and Prejudice but I didn't really like that lol.


  11. Ah I used to work at Boots and absolutely loved it!! I had to give it up when I graduated but do honestly miss it! xx

  12. I actually loved The Great Gatsby at school! It's one of my favourites, give it a chance lol x

  13. @Tess- Keep trying hun, i applied 5 times before i got this job!:)

    @Yu- Definitely harmful to the bank balance, but im also earning a tidy salary too so it doesnt matter too much;)

    @Laura xo- Hope my sore feet disapere soon haha, and everything in store is so tempting haha! Lucky thing with no summer work haha!:)

    @Tamsin- Thankyou hunny!! I ma forever picking things up and being like ooohhh il buy that later haha!

    @Fern- Aww such a shame your sisters hate it, i love my store, the people are lovely! I seem to be getting a bit suffocated by the products haha:)

    @ Jenny- Oh no aha, please dont tell me we study it at a level nooooo! haha:)

    @Lovelain94- Haha thats definitley a perk of the job!!

    @ Jodie- Lol, dont be, its hard work haha:)

    @Caz- Defintley try applying, its a lovely place to work!:)

    @Emily- Im not looking foward to studying it in depth ahha! And i hate poetry too, dont know why im doing english ahah! Ohh i hope you dont drop all the plates haha;)

    @Paperbacks and Postcards- Classics are great for some people but not me haha!:)

    @Georgina- Aww such a shame you had to leave! I love it there:)

    @MakeupTheNight- Haha i will try ;)