middle partings.

Wednesday 10 August 2011

My hair has never been a fan of change. Difference in humidity, weather or even products can cause a major hair fail, and it is safe to say my hair is a little stuck in its ways. So when it comes to partings, its difficult to shift my regular side part in any other direction without causing a mass of messy, confused locks on top of my head!

*cue creepy picture of me attempting to show my parting...*

When I decided it was time for a change, its fair to say my hair wasn't exactly willing, but after a bit of a struggle, involving a hairdryer and a large quantity of hair spray, I am actually rather pleased with my 'middle-part style'. Having a rather long, thin face means generally I look like a complete idiot with a middle parting, but I find that I can just about pull it off using waves and texture in my hair, as long as there is a mountain of volume at the roots!

A while ago I mentioned I was thinking about ombre-ing my hair and jumping on the typical blogger hair band wagon, and I am still umm-ing and ahh-ing over having lovely blonde ends! I very nearly picked up a highlighting kit the other day, but chickened out... wimp. My main concern is my ends getting all dry and horrible and having to chop them all off, arghh! 

I'm sorry this post is so trivial and meaningless when there are much bigger matters going on in the UK.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the riots over the past few days, keep safe and happy!


  1. Your hair looks lovely like this, really suits you :) xx

  2. Love you eye makeup! its gorgeous... hair looks lovely too :) xx

  3. you look gorgeous:) wish I could pul off middle parting this well. Also, I ombred my hair a while ago and it didn´t really cause any damage to my ends. i think that as long as you make sure you condition your hair, it´s going to be fine:) x

  4. This really suits you!!! I always try middle parting in the house and then change it back to side before leaving. Always feel stupid but I love it on other people!!

  5. My gosh Hannah your look gorgeousss! Love your hair like that and it has a beautiful colour! Glad to see your post again!!xx

  6. so jealous, I just can't pull a middle parting off :)
    your hair looks so pretty here & I've been thinking about ombre-ing my hair but I'm just too sared of it a. looking rubbish and b. ruining my hair!! x

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  8. you look lovely with a middle parting!! :O x

  9. i've been dying to try out a middle parting! i love yours :) x

  10. Sooo pretty! I once had a middle parting but now it's kind of off-centre rather than side. xxx

  11. I love your hair! It look great with the middle parting!

  12. You're so beautiful! This looks great on you!

  13. A middle parting really suits you! My hair is equally as stubborn, I want to try it but I don't think it'll go in a middle parting x

  14. Wish i could pull off a middle parting! It suits you so well xx

  15. This really really suits you! I can't get away with a middle parting in my hair even with wave and body like you have in yours, but seeing this makes me want to try it anyway!!

  16. Your hair looks gorgeous like that! You suit a middle parting :) xx

  17. I love your hair like this Hannah! It makes it look much longer too! xxx

  18. i love wearing a middle parting, but i also have a long face so it can look a bit naff on bad days:)


  19. I like your hair like this. Its very pretty and natural looking.
    I have a long face too so I know what you mean about it looking weird sometimes with a middle part. I havent worn a middle part since the 8th grade. lol

  20. I absolutely love your hair like this! I have quite a long face as well so i feel like i look really strange with a middle parting... but you can really pull it off! :) Your hair color is really lovely as well, i think you might regret ombre-ing it tbh! xo

  21. wow, your hair always looks lovely, but this looks amazing :) it really suits you xxxx

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  23. your hair is lush!
    would love it if you pooped over and visited my blog and maybe followed? :D


    Meena ♥

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    Much Love Molly<3<3

  25. Oh this really suits you, Looking gorgeous as always xx

  26. You look fantastic with a middle part, I agree with everyone that it really does suit you :) I tried to do a middle part for a few months, but ended up going back to my old side parting ways, lol.

  27. @Charlotte- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Lovelain94- Thanks, i put some turquoise under my lower lashline:)

    @Daniela- Ohhh i cant decide whether to ombre or not, im so scared haha:)

    @*~♥Giddy Princess♥~*- Haha, i kno what you mean, iv tried this out a million times but only worn it out like 4 times haha!

    @Lisa- Thankyou sweetie! Sorry my posts are so irregular, iv been so busy haha!:)

    @Radiant Make Up- Im terrified of it looking rubbish too haha! Maybe we should just go for it!

    @Diana Savickaja- Haha, symmetry for the win!

    @Shabna- Thankyou darling! Hopefully it will stay middle for a while!

    @Essie.- Try it out, you never know until you try!

    @Sophie- Haha, i love offcenter partings, they are great!

    @Reyna- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Grace- Thanks hun, iv been enjoying it!:)

    @Tiffany- Aw thankyou lovely!

    @Holly- I know, its difficult, just keep trying and eventually the hair will give in haha!:)

    @Abby- Bet you can hun, i think everyone can!

    @Emma- I bet you can pull it off, try it!!

    @Stefany- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Fern- Thankyou hun, haha who can say no to a bit more length!:)

    @rebeccaboo- Yahh i know what you mean, long faces are annoying haha;)

    @Liz- Hhaha, long faces definitely make middle parts difficult! But hopefully it looks ok haha:)

    @Laura- Aww thankyou hun! Eeeee i dont know what to do about the ombre, im so scared haha!:)

    @Anon- Thankyou sweetie, thats lovely!

    @sagalina- Thankyou hun

    @Meena Dhuga- Thankyou :)

    @Molly- Thanks!

    @Nicola-x- Thankyou hunny!:)

    @julianne.- and your too cute!:))

    @Caitlin- Haha i will probably resort back to the side part when i get bored haha!:)


  28. That looks so great! That's definitely something I want to look into doing. :)