accidental blonde!

Wednesday 26 October 2011

My hair has always been a bit of an oddball. It can never make up its mind what colour it wants to be, switching constantly from a little bit blonde to a little bit brown to a little bit grey (especially after a dry shampoo disaster!). Its always had natural blonde highlights running through it which especially come out in the sun, which look almost ginger at times... and don't even get me started on my majorly dark eyebrows compared to hair colour!

Over the summer I was craving a bit of a change as you may have noticed from my 'I want ombre hair and I want it now!' moans all over my blog and twitter so on a whim I picked up the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray a few months back, hoping for miracle results!

On the first few applications I wasn't too impressed; it was to be applied to damp hair and then blow dried, which I wasn't exactly thrilled about as I have been on a no-heat mission for the past year! I did however succumb to a few bouts of heat to give the Lightening Spray a fair chance to work, and after about a 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference...

The spray definitely brought out the blonde in my hair, and I now have an almost ombre effect going, which was entirely accidental considering I didn't even mean to put it just on the ends- that's sloppy application for you!

The thing that worries me about this spray is the misconceptions surrounding it. Although I didn't realise it when using, this does actually contain Hydrogen Peroxide (always read the label!) and as Nikki commented on my haul post where I mentioned this, you are actually leaving bleach in your hair for 2 to 3 days at a time, which is never going to be exactly beneficial to your hair! My sister's friends who are actually hairdressers were shocked that me and my sister were using this a few times a week, and thankfully I did only use it around 6 times, stopping before it did any lasting damage!

So overall, I like this... but not the consequences. I love being a bit more blonde, and although it hasn't drastically changed my hair colour its enough of a change to quench my hair colour boredom. I wont be using this again unless I feel the need for a bit of colour revival or possible to go a bit lighter next summer?! However I am extremely wary of it, so if your thinking of trying be aware of the damaging effects this could have to your hair, especially if its fine or already dry.

Have a good week my lovelies! 


  1. I think you should try omre-ing your hair, it looks gorgeous like this! But I wouldn't try this product again if I was you, or else you ould ruin that lovely hair of yours:)xx

  2. Your hair looks great! I'm tempted to try this but a bit wary about the bleach as the ends of my hair area already really dry...It's odd how this is sold as a styling product when it actually could change your hair colour quite dramatically. x

  3. I was considering using this about two months ago, but people had complained alot about the damaging effects it's has on hair - someone even told me it made their hair split and fall out! I'm actually quite glad I didn't - despite your results being lovely. I think the blonde really suits you, next time you want to lighten it again I would just recommend the 'bleach highlighting kits' they're what i used to get my hair to a blonde colour. I know bleach is damaging but better in shorts bursts than being left on for days on end! Sorry for this mammoth comment ;) Hope you're well x x x

  4. Oh dear that sounds terrifying! Thankyou for the comment hun, i will definitley try a hilighting kit over the john frieda next time, im sure it would be much less damaging!! xxx

  5. I know they really should put a warning on it, because the only way you can tell its got bleach in is through the ingredients, they need to warn people it could be damaging! xx

  6. Im terrified of getting major split ends aha, i think i may properly ombre it next summer though, thankyou hun! xx