dell boy.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Can you believe in this day and age that I have never actually owned a laptop and have been tapping away for the past few years on my old family computer downstairs! I've never been a huge techno geek, or particularly interested in anything that involves complicated machinery, but once I'd saved a few pennies (which is a difficult task when your a makeup obsessive!) I decided it was time to invest...

Dell Inspiron N5040

Meet 'Tup Tup', my brand new blogging device! Yes Tup Tup is its name, along with the rest of my technology family; my Samsung Tocco phone, Tocci and my Ipod, Poddle. Bizarre, I know:)

I am ridiculously excited about 'Tup Tup' and his brand new shiny screen and snazzy webcam, with built in morphing features, meaning that I can turn into a wolf/crazy person at the click of a button...

My beautiful sister trying out the morphing features!

Hopefully this new technology will mean a few more posts from me, even if I am lacking a little in the inspiration department recently!

Have a good week beautifuls!


  1. Aw bless you! I couldn't live without my laptop.. although I do really want a macbook. At least now you've got a little privacy! :)

  2. Aw congrats on your new laptop! xx

  3. I was the same age as you (a year ago) when I got my first laptop! I felt so much older than everyone else when I first got it, now I couldn't imagine life with out it xxx

  4. I've had a laptop since I was about 12, but got my macbook when I was 14(?) maybe.. I couldn't be without mine! I'd die! congrats hun xx

  5. wish i had the money to splash out on a new laptop:)
    looks very snazzy;)

  6. I think I was 17 when I got mine :) still works, just about. My iMac has taken its place a little, but laptops are so much handier. Enjoy :) xx

  7. This is a good investment, enjoy your new laptop!:D

    ***** Marie *****