the story of January.

Wednesday 30 January 2013

New Years Celebrations - The Big Freeze - The Pinboard of my Life

January 2013 has been a month of exams, snow and cleansing; of both the mind, environment and body! I have finally started trying to become a little healthier in my lifestyle, cutting down on sugar (damn you cinnamon buns!!) and committing to exercise 3-4 times a week. I am currently obsessing over Blogilates videos, especially her Victoria Secret workouts... Angel body please be mine! I wanted to start doing a little round up at the end of each month as a little diary of my life- not only to encourage myself to fulfil my resolution of taking more pictures but also to force my worse than average memory into remembering all the good times of 2013! These are my picks of the month...

Northern Wind - City And Colour
This must be one of the most beautiful songs ever produced. City and Colour is not only one of my favourite artists but also has one of the coolest names ever - Dallas Green anyone?! Also check out The Girl and Little Hell, more gorgeous City and Colour songs.

One of the absolute jems of the blogging world, she has beautiful pictures, fantastic content, and a YouTube channel, what more do you need!? Oh... having her hair would be nice please!!

Anything and everything Lisa Eldridge completely floats my boat, and every single video of hers is a must watch in my book. If, by any chance you have been living in a cave lacking WiFi and do not watch Lisa Eldridge, for me her absolute stand out videos are her 'makeup history' lessons and her 'makeup removal' video! I think I speak for everyone who is in any way involved with blogging and/or beauty videos when saying that Lisa is an absolute beauty goddess and an inspiration to me and so many others! 

Modern Family, Modern Family, MODERN FAMILY!! I discovered this show late last year and have been racing through episodes online, currently I am just getting into season 3! Phil Dunphy really brings Modern Family into its own (Ty Burrel is a GENIUS) and each episode has frequent, major, 'lol' moments. I'm obsessed. My favourite line from the last episode I watched was from Dylan's horse song... 'I rode a horse for the first time today/wasn’t surprised when it went NEIGHHHHH' Yeah... I laughed for days.

A Song Of Fire And Ice - George R. R. Martin
After last year's obsession with Game of Thrones the TV show, I finally delved into the humongous book - 800 pages of extremely small text if you were wondering! While at times it was a struggle through some of the less likeable character's chapters, I really enjoyed this book and it was brilliant seeing the character's back stories in finer detail that the show was able to portray. I will definitely be continuing with this series of books in the future. They are worlds away (literally and metaphorically) from my usual 1st person, happy ending, fluffy romance books, but after some perseverance Game of Thrones is bloody amazing!

January is not only the season of resolution, it is also exam season. What with snow being so very disruptive (which I am also not the biggest fan of!) studying has been a little more difficult and procrastination has been my life for the past two weeks. My two exams, Chemistry and Maths, seemed to go relatively well but with university offers rolling in, the pressure is massively on!

-I turn 18!!!
... and finally get back into regular blogging... hopefully.

Have a lovely February!


  1. I love hellooctober's blog too and free about Lisa Eldridge!!!!! I love your blog, check out mine if you get a chance?

  2. Such pretty snow pictures, the arch made by the trees is so lovely. I love Suzie's blog too! xxx