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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Clinique Whole Lotta Colour Chubby Stick Gift Set
Super Strawberry - Oversized Orange - Curvy Candy - Richer Raisin - Chunky Cherry

Clinique Chubby Sticks have been on my radar since the blogger hype descended last year, and as usual I am ridiculously late to the band-waggon after two new types of chubby stick have already been released into the blogosphere! However, I bought this Christmas gift set in the January sales after sadly not receiving it for Christmas, as I thought this would be a perfect way to try out some of the beautiful colours. It contains 5 mini-chubbies of 1.2g each, with all of them weighing up at around half of a normal £16 Chubby Stick. This idea appealed to me so much as I very rarely get though a normal lipstick, so five minis is perfect and I feel like these will last me a while.

The actual consistency is absolutely perfect for everyday wear, and for around 3 weeks I haven't even touched any other lip products from my (overflowing) lip draw as these are so moisturising, subtle and beautiful that they outshine all my other lipsticks... I feel like I'm neglecting my babies! My absolute favourite colour of them all is Chunky Cherry, a lovely bright, warm pink which is gorgeous on its own, and thankfully  all the colours wear off to a stain like finish... without drying out my lips. The only colour I'm not 100% sure of is Richer Raisin, a very neutral brown shade, which I have dubbed my 'grown-up' colour and is only whipped out on the most sophisticated of occasions. 

After trying out these I have a developed a bit of a taste for Chubby Sticks and I am seriously considering the Chubby Stick Intense versions; the formula really floats my boat! Sadly I think these sets are now all out of stock but you can still find some flying around on eBay. What do you think of Chubby Sticks?

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  1. These ones are all pretty, though I like Woppin' Watermelon better x

  2. Aww I'm so jealous, they all look beautiful! Please have a look at my little blog,

  3. Looks so cute! They are incredibly expensive here in Holland. :c

    1. Come to england and get them cheap! Ish! :) xxx

  4. This is a lovely gift!:) x

  5. These are gorgeous colours!

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