Friday 15 October 2010

The lovely, beautiful Lisa from *A Creative Beauty Blog* did a lovely interview on me yesterday and has featured me on her blog! Get me! I feel like a celebrity! :D

If you want to check out the interview to get to know me a little better go here, and make sure to check out Lisa's blog, its just lovely!


  1. thanks hannah, was lovely to see your views on things, and check out some of the comments left for you!

  2. I read the interview it was so lovely! I really love love love your blog it's my favourite one to read! Thanks for being such a great blogger :) x

  3. Hey hannah me again :) I was wondering could you please give me a few recommendations for elf products? Me and my sister are looking at buying some things :) Thanks x

  4. well done on the interview hun
    you come across really well

  5. @Lisa- Thank you soo much for the interview babe! :)

    @Justine- Awww thankyou sweetie, your so lovely, love your blog too!
    Hmm my favouries are the Warm bronzer (i have a review on it) the Undereye Concealor and Hilightor and mineral lipsticks. I wouldnt reccommend much from the regualar line but the studio and mineral lines are fantastic! Hope you love ELF as much as me! :) If you need any more info email me at hanna_b123@hotmail.co.uk!

    @Sara Louise- Thanks sweetie glad you liked it! :)


  6. Thank you so much! I really want to try the bronzer and I had my eye on the mineral lipsticks! Hopefully I shall get some soon! :) xx

  7. @Nicola- Thanks sweetie!

    @Justine- Your welcome hun, good luck with your order! :) xx