Winter Wishlist...

Sunday 3 October 2010

Hey Dolls!
Ohh, it is getting seriously chilly over here in the UK *shivers*. I keep having to resort to wearing a scarf everywhere I go, shock horror!

But now winter is drawing in, the only upside of the cold weather is the whole new wardrobe which comes creeping along with it!

Its just a shame my depleting levels of pennies can't quite stretch out enough to get these little jems into my wardrobe. But hey ho, nothing wrong with a little window shopping, here's what I'm lusting after for the impending cold months ahead...

Aviator Jacket
Why are you never in stock?!?

New Look
Furry Cuff Ankle Boot


Military Contrast Swing Coat

Bear Pom Pom Beanie Hat
Just adorable!

*Click pictures for sources*

Just looking at these makes me want to wrap up warm with a hot choccie and a good book...

Ohh, the quest for the perfect winter clothes is a long one. But remember, battling through the snow for that perfect winter jacket will make any ones winter a little warmer!



  1. i have that aviator i did a post on it ;) so hard to get hold of but its beautiful xx

  2. you're wish list is exactly like mine!aviator jacket, tick. now all is left is those furry booties and a panda hat hehe;)

  3. aw I love that hat! So cute :-) and the coat! xxx

  4. River Island also do excellent aviator jackets :) + the hat is adorable.


  5. Love that jumper! And coat haha :) as for the aviator jackets I think topshop + miss selfridge both had cute ones :) xx

  6. Oh I love the jacket, so rock!!! :) That hat is just adorable haha!! :)

  7. i love the jacket! i hope we get snow like we did earlier this year (:,xx

  8. I need that jacket in my life! It's so gorgeous!!
    I love getting winter clothes!

  9. I love that aviator jacket- I need one :)

  10. Was just going to do a post like this! Ahh, can't wait for fall & winter to roll in & stay for a while :) All of these pieces are super cute! xo

  11. I love everything that you have chosen here! We obviously have the same style :) x x

  12. I la la love the Swing coat by Topshop. mind you, I love everything that Topshop have been churning out lately. :P xx

  13. That jacket is lovely, as is the entire aviator trend! I wish to get myself one in brown

  14. I love the jacket, coat, and hat!!

  15. I want that aviator jacket too!

    ***** Marie *****

  16. thanks for the comment on my post:D. lol it's so weird how we sort of know eachother in real life (:, small world! i also nearly went to your school but i didn't do well enough on the test haha :P,xxx

  17. @Sophie- Ohhh so jealous of youu! I want it!!

    @Irene- Ahaha, i need them! I will probably end up getting them in the january sales, when there will be no point hehe!!

    @Fern- I know, ive fallen in love with the hat!

    @Audrey♥- Agreed!! :)

    @Jess- Ohh id better check out RI! :)

    @fashionismyh2o- Will have to check them out- i NEED an aviator jacket!! :)

    @Stavroula- They are just gorgeous!

    @Holly- Me too, and miss loads of school! :)

    @Natalie @ BeauMakeup- Me too, winter is my fav season for clothes!

    @Sophie- Me too!! :)

    @Chic Geek (Devs)- Ahh i no, so cute!

    @Laura xo- I love winter, cant wait to see your post!

    @Vivianna- Hahah, obviously! ;)

    @DesignerSpray- Me too, and i love all of H&M's winter stuff! :)

    @A- I love the whole aviator sunglasses in summer and then the jacket in winter! Haha! :)

    @Sunny & Star- Hehe me too!

    @Marie- I NEED it in my life :)

    @" A beauty blogger named Justine '- Ohh i know haha! :)

    @Holly- Haha, its so weird! I bet we will meet each other one day in real life and be like, hey i know your from blogger! Haha! :)