The Oh So Versitile ELF Warm Bronzer

Sunday 10 October 2010

Over the last few months while my makeup addiction has really been taking off, I have been searching for the perfect all over face bronzer. Naturally, I have extremely pale, freckly skin, so I'm always on the hunt for something to make it look a little more healthy and glowey, without giving me that 'dirty' look that I'm sure we all crave! ;)

When I first discovered ELF Cosmetics I was astounded at their low low price tags which were perfectly priced for my frankly very low budget. Never in this world did I expect any of the oh-so cheap cosmetics to really impress me and make me want more.

That's just were I was wrong.

While many of the products I have ordered from ELF have impressed me, none so have made me fall in love with them quite as much as the Warm Bronzer from the Studio Line...

As you can see, mine is more than dented due to religious everyday use, this has become my favourite bronzer of all time. Word.

It has 4 square colours, which when swirled together (using my ELF Complexion Brush, of course ;) create the perfect bronze colour for your skin tone. It has a slight shimmer, which, rather than making me look a little Edward Cullen-ish, has the perfect effect of making you look radiant and healthy, with the tiny shimmers only visible in direct sunlight.

You can also take each colour individually, using them as a contour, highlight or blush, which makes this the perfect handbag essential, with the added bonus of a huge mirror.
Here's a few before and afters for y'all, just so you can see the magic yourself...
(Also wearing Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, ELF Cream Liner and Vaseline Rosy Lips)

Eeeekkk, ignore the spots, having a bad skin day!
OK so the 'magic' doesn't show that great in the piccies, but trust me, I wouldn't lie to you, my lovely followers!

Another added bonus of this little palette is that you can even use it for eye colours, sweeping the pale yellow all over the lid and the darker browns in the crease...


Just £3.50 and you can get 3 looks out of it? Yes please :)

Does anyone else own this little beauty, and if so, what do you think of it?

*This product was bought with my own money and all opinions are my own!*


  1. I neglect this product so much! :) You have just reminded me to dig this out tomorrow! It looks gorgeous on you! :)
    Great review lovely!

  2. wow for £3.50 it looks fab :D!xxx

  3. I want to try an ELF bronzer, but I think I'm tempted by the Golden!xx

  4. I remember buying this when it first came out and stupidly dropped it causing it to smash - I think I need to buy it again, it looks lovely on! xx

  5. I use the ELF bronzer from the blush/bronzer duo as my everyday bronzer.. even over Benefit Hoola.. I love it!!

  6. I'm not being rude, but perhaps you should use spell-check before posting? Your posts are good but they are always littered with spelling mistakes and I'm only saying this to save you the embarrassament.

  7. Great review Hannah! And it looks amazing on you :) You have inspired me to start using mine again xx

  8. This looks gorgeous! I always browse the bronzers when I make an ELF order but have not yet taken the plunge to actually buy one - I definitely will next time I order as this looks gorgeous! x

  9. That sure does look like the perfect bronzer :)
    I love E.L.F products myself, so god for their price, I think next time I make my order this will be DEFIANTLY going on it!!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  10. @Natalie @ BeauMakeup- Hehe, it really is a lovely product! Dont neglect it! :)

    @Holly- I know, so cheap for a great product!

    @Emma- Never tried the golden, but id love to, maybe on my next order!

    @Nicola- I did that with my ELF pressed powder, it was soo annoying!

    @Jennifer- Ohhhh i love that one too, so pretty!

    @Anon- Thankyou for your advise, but i actually do spell check my blog posts and try to read them through at least 3 times before publishing. In future posts i'll double check though :)

    @Vivianna- Hehe, hope you love it as much as me! :)

    @LilyLipstick- Ohh i hope you do, they are lovely! :)

    @Hannah- ELF is just amazing for their cheap cheap prices! :)

    @Nicola- Thankyou hun!


  11. AHH. I don't know which one to buy - the Golden or Warm bronzer?

  12. It looks lovely! I wish they sold elf in shops it wold be so much easier to get! You look really pretty in the picture by the way :) x

  13. @Kathryn- I had that problem, i would suggest the Warm, but i havnt tried the Golden :)

    @Justine- I wish they had shops too! Thankyou :)


  14. Popping this one on my ELF wishlist!