it's behind you!

Sunday 19 December 2010

Pantomimes are an essential part of Christmas tradition in England. Every year during the festive season we wrap up warm in cosy woollies and the latest trends and toddle off down to the local theater to see the Christmas pantomime. Well, maybe that's just me, but I certainly feel that it is a much loved tradition to go and shout 'its behind you!' at Widow Twanky, laugh at Button's corny jokes and generally have a good ole' time watching your favourite story tales brought to life.

For those of you unsure as to what a pantomime is, it is where actors (sometimes celebrities) put on a production of much loved fairy tales like Cinderella, Jack and the Bean Stalk etc. in a very jokey way. Its all a good laugh and everyone enjoys it, and of course they sell ice cream in the interval, nom nom nom.

I went to my local production of Aladdin last week, it was so fun and really got me into the Christmas spirit. I cannot wait for Christmas and New Year, eeeee, I'm so excited!

Here's what I wore to Aladdin ...

Top  gift from my larvvvlleyyyy sister
Skirt  Primark (£4)
Cardigan  Primark

Sleek Bad Gal Palette
Max Factor False Lash Effect
Avon Supershock Gel Liner


So who's getting into the festive spirit, only 6 days to go!?


  1. I love that lip colour on you!
    you look stunning as usual:)

  2. Your really gorgeous and simply stunning, thanks for sharing. Your photos is superb. This holiday season I'm looking forward to have some gold charm bracelet.

  3. Lovely pics Hannah!! Like that outfit:))

  4. You look lovely! I haven't been to a pantomime this year but i've been to a few really good ones in the past xx

  5. gorgeous :) x

    I need to get to a pantomime before christmas or an amateur dramatics show :)

  6. you look lovely! i'm going to see jack and the beanstalk the 30th (:,xxx

  7. You look lovely :) Love your outfit & makeup sweetie. Pantomimes sound like fun! xo

  8. You look lovely! I love pantomimes too they are just so much fun! :) x

  9. love your eyes! Can't wait till crimbo! eeeeek :) x

  10. Loving the make up! I go to pantos every year, love them choreograph a local one but this/next year i'm performing too - in Aladdin!

  11. nice blog!
    Nice name have your blog!

    eef en lot

  12. hey hun! I just told NIcola, but I've got my daily reads list back up so i'll put you on it again! XX

  13. @..R May A..- Thannkyou! Your so lovely! :)

    @Gold Charm Bracelet- Thankyou hun! :)

    @Rakhshanda- Thankyouu, took me a while to decide what to wear haha!:)

    @Audrey♥ - Thankyouu, i like to experiment with different looks!

    @Caz- Pantomimes are fab arn't they? I love going along and having a good old laugh :)

    @Megan Blair- i hope you do, they are so much fun!

    @Holly- Ohhh have fun, i love seeing how they do the giant in that haha!

    @Laura xo- Thankyou hun! I heard pantomimes in America are just mimes?

    @" A beauty blogger named Justine- Ohh yeahh, they are great!:)

    @Fern- Thankyou sweetie! Ahh me too, only 4 more days to go!!

    @Ess-Jay24- Wow, you lucky thing!! Good luck with it! :)

    @Eef en Lot- Aww thanks haha! :)

    @Indigo- Aww thankyou hun! :) Thats so sweet! :)


  14. I totally agree christmas is not christmas without a good old pantomime! You look stunning :) xx

  15. @Nicola- Haha, i know they are such fun! Thankyou hun! :)


  16. you are STUNNING doll!xxxx