top ten products of twenty-ten.

Thursday 30 December 2010

As the year draws to a close and 2011 looms ever closer, I got to thinking about the year that has just past. Elections, world cups, friends, family and brand new makeup addictions have made twenty-ten a year to remember for a while. 2010 was really the year I got into makeup, got my first MAC lipstick and discovered my new found passion for all things beauty related, and of course the most important thing...

I started this blog.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continual support with this blog. As I write this, I am only 5 followers off the 500 mark, and it still baffles me to think that people actually read what I write, so... thank you ♥

So now lets get down to the nitty gritty, to the amazing products that deserve the title of my 'ten ten products of twenty-ten'...

 In no particular order...

 Sleek I-Divine Storm Palette  12 beautiful pigmented colours that can be combined multiple ways to create gorgeous natural eye looks- win!

ELF Warm Bronzer  Hands down, favourite bronzer. I love this and its a perfect colour. The lighter colour is a lovely highlight and for £3.50, who can complain?!

 Cocoa Butter Vaseline  The newcomer to the prestigious Vaseline family, this gorgeous smelling little pot of joy is sooo nice on the lips.

MAC Hue Lipstick  The aforementioned 'first MAC lipstick', this is my most beautiful lipstick, the perfect shade for me!

 2True Cheek and Lip Tint  At only £2, this is a bargain dupe for Benefit's Benetint, and I love using it underneath ELF Blush in Berry Merry to create my favorite cheek combo.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara  All time favourite mascara. Fact.

ELF Cream Eyeliner  This year I have really discovered my love for cream/gel liner, and this is my favourite at the moment, gorgeous pigmentation and easy to work with.

ELF Powder Brush  Amazing value for money and perfect for applying liquid foundation, powder, blush and all types of makeup? Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't tried it!

No7 Blend and Contour Brush  My absolute favourite crease brush, and perfect for blending out too. Love it!

Absolutely everything and anything LUSH. This year the LUSH fiend as been released in me. Be afraid, be very afraid.

I would love to know what your 2010 favourites are!

Happy New Years! ♥


  1. I found my favourite blog of the day :) I'm a beauty addict and I love your blog. Especially that you are from the UK :D So I can easily buy things that I see on your blog hehe :D Most of the products are my favourite too :)

  2. I thought your favourite lippie was gosh darling? I love maxfactor false lash effect, its my all time favourite too. Love your blog!

  3. AH love these products too. I feel privileged to be able to own mac stuff this year too!! Happy New Year!!

  4. I love the Cocoa Butter Vaseline, it's so nice! :)

  5. Great post! I agree with a lot of the products! I think a lot of people will agree with Sleek palettes! x

  6. I love the Sleek Storm palette too - Sleek was definitely a big beauty discovery for me in 2010. The ELF Warm Bronzer looks gorgeous too - that's going on my ELF list for my next haul. x

  7. Hey lovely products!!! Wish Sleek was in India...I really want the Storm palette!!
    Is the Max Factor mascara really good? Must check it out:)
    Happy New Year (in advance)!

  8. ahhh Mac Hue is my all time favourite lippy along with Max Factor being my HG of all mascara. Have you tried shy girl?? My cousin introduced it to me on xmas eve, and I need it in my life xxxx

  9. Hannah your blog is beyond awesome! :) I love lush to and at the minute they are habing a HUGE sale on the christmas products were everything is half price - yesterday I got 2 candy cane bubble bars and a fair size chunk of angel delight soap for just £3.99! Great post :) xx

  10. Great post as usual Hannah. I must say that Elf's Golden Bronzer is probably my favourite product right now. It's amazing isn't it? :)

  11. i need to try hue lipstick!xx

  12. Great makeup collection. I need a new brush set.

  13. You picked some brilliant products, Sleek Storm Palette has been a firm favourite this year! x

  14. lovely products, some of them ive never tried as of yet and will sometime soon!
    I'm now a follower which makes you 3 followers away from 500..congrats dear!
    come by mine and follow back if you'd like xox

  15. Fab faves! Have a great New Years! xxx

  16. Lovely post (as per usual ;)! Definitely need to get the Sleek Storm palette when i go to England :) And Hue lipstick looks fabulous, need to try it out! xo

  17. Agree with lots of these. Ive added one or two of them to my favs of 2010. When i first got the elf eyeliner a few months ago i really wasnt expecting much. Its soo good! glad i bought it now. xx

  18. Happy New Year!! The MAC lipstick looks gorgeous! x

  19. Lovely post!
    please visit my blog :)

  20. no lip balm will ever work like
    vaseline :)! thats the only true thing.

  21. I keep hearing about ELF Warm Bronzer but I'm worried it'll be too dark :)
    lovely post though, alot of thme are my favourites!! x

  22. oooh I've never seen vaseline in that flavour, will defo keep a look out! Don't think I shop enough to notice lol You have a lovely blog :) xx

  23. posts like this are soooo helpful-
    i need to start using a foundation brush !

  24. Love Lush. Your blog is gorgeous. Doing a givaway in my next post. Hope you visi tback :)

  25. <3 your blogg :) Big fan
    follow me?? <3 :)
    Izzy xx

  26. @Tugba- Wow thankyou so much! I love reading UK blogs too, as they have familiar products! :)

    @Anonymous- I do adore Gosh Darling, however lately i've been loving MAC's Hue, and re-discovering it's gorgeous-ness! :)

    @Lisa- Me too, hopefully i'l be getting more MAC for my birthday! :)

    @communicatingbeauty- It is gorgeous! So moisturising!

    @Olivia- The Sleek palettes are beautiful and such great value!

    @LilyLipstick- Me too, Sleek is such an amazing brand!

    @Rakhshanda- The Max Factor mascara is fantastic, you should definately check it out!

    @Ray- I was hoping to pick Shy Girl up next week actually! It looks gorgeous! And wow we have alot in common! ;)

    @" A beauty blogger named Justine "- Thankyou so much sweetie! Woww, i need to have a look in LUSH and check out this sale, thanks for the tip!

    @Sophie- Ohh i do love a bit of ELF Bronzer, its so affordable and really subtle and lovely! Thanks hun!

    @Holly- Try it, its gorgeous! :)

    @Sunny & Star- Ohh maybe try some of ELF's Studio line, their brushes are beautiful!

    @Caz- I think its a lot of peoples favourites, its lovely!:)

    @MsShamz- Thanks so much hun and sure i will check yours out!

    @Kim- Thankyou and hope you had a great new year!

    @Laura- Definately try the Sleek palettes they are lovely! And Hue- such a beautiful colour! :)

    @Steph- Me neither, but the liner turned out gorgeous, im addicted to gel liner now! Love it! :)

    @Gertrude- Thankyou you, you too!

    @brightshimmer8- Thanks and sure!

    @Yen- I agree, vaseline is the best! :)

    @..R May A..- Im really really pale and its not to dark on me, you can use a light hand and its quite subtle! :)

    @Beth- Thankyou sweetie, and Cocoa Butter vaseline is gorgeous, definately check it out! :)

    @Sara Louise- Thankyou, and fingers are just as good, i just love that ELF brush though! :)

    @Izzy- Thanks me too, so obsessed with LUSH! :)

    @Izzylovesyoo- Thanks sweetie, sure :)


  27. Great products! Please let the Lush fiend in you free lol. I love the blog! Following and supporting!

  28. love elf's bronzerr