why hello Minnie...

Friday 17 December 2010

Recently I was inspired by the amazing YouTube guru, AndreasChoice and her beautiful hairstyle tutorial here.
The look is for a gorgeous bow on top of the head, and as it was so easy and pretty, I thought it was about time I submitted myself to the 'bow hair' trend...


 Please excuse my terrible pictures, I'm hoping for a lovely new camera in my Christmas stocking!

As you can see I'm slightly useless in the hairstyle department, however I do actually really like the effect, very Minnie Mouse-esque!

Of course anything relating to Minnie requires bright red lips...

ELF Lipstick in Seductive + Vaseline

Crikey, I look pale in these pictures. Me thinks its time to whip out the St Moriz for a quick winter fake bake!

Who else has indulged themselves in the infamous bow hair trend?


  1. this is sooo fun and cute! XX

  2. You look SO adorable! I love wearing bows in my hair, but not sure if this would suit me - it looks really lovely on you though! :) xoxo

  3. So cute!
    Love this!! You look so pretty! :D

  4. I love it! It looks absolutely adorable on you! ♥

  5. i love that lip colour on you!
    and your hair looks lovely :) xxx

  6. Love, Love, LOVE this look on you Hannah! You look great with your hair up! xx

  7. Wow you look gorgeous hun love the hair!:) your lip colour looks lovely! xxx

  8. You look fabulous, I really love your hair and your lips is really stunning is that mineral lipstick? Well the lip colour really suits in your complexion.

  9. Woweee! This looks fantastic on you Hannah<33, I tried it once and it was a complete fail haha, just like a lump of hair on my head :P!xxx

  10. So cute on you! x

  11. That looks so cute!
    I love doing topknots as they're so quick and easy to do but I'll definitely have to give this a go. x

  12. you loook sooo beautiful :) i'm loving the lipstick !! loving the hair - makes you look soo cute xx

  13. @Indigo- Haha, thankyou, i like to do something different once in a while! :)

    @Laura xo- Haha, i love wearing bows in my hair too, this is a bit extreme though! :)

    @Natalie @ BeauMakeup- Thankyou sweetie!

    @WillWorkForMakeup- Aww thanks hun!

    @Sarah♥- thankyou, i cant do a minnie look without red lips! :)

    @Vivianna- Thankyou hun! I never seem to wear mine up, i always feel like it makes me look tired haha!

    @Nicola-x- Thankyou sweetie! Im actually loving red lips at the moment!

    @mineral lipstick- Thankyou hun! Im loving red lips!

    @Holly- Aww, haha, i bet it looked good really! :)

    @Jenny- Thankyouuu :)

    @LilyLipstick- I love topknots too, but not sure whether they really suit me haha!

    @roshas- Aww thanks hun! im loving the lippie too! :)


  14. I loveeeee this so much! I saw a tutorial on it the other day and was gonna have a go, it looks beautiful on you :) Fern xoxo

  15. @Fern- You should try it out hun! I bet it would look beautiful on you!! :) xx

  16. You look lovely like this!! What do you have on your lips here, it's a really love colour and i'm looking for one like it!

    LOVE, Emy x