hush cream colour base.

Sunday 17 April 2011

As a reward for finishing my Art GCSE course a few weeks back I decided to allow myself a little, sneaky purchase from MAC, taking full advantage of their 'free mascara with every purchase' offer. At the top of my wish list was Hush Cream Colour Base, a product which I had been lusting after ever since a visit to the store in half term, so I parted ways with £16 (including postage) and received my free mascara and of course my beautiful Hush Cream Colour Base. Bargain, me thinks.

The colour of Hush is most definitely the perfect highlight colour for me, a peachy, bronze glow which delivers the most beautiful 'soft candlelight' look when worn on the cheekbones. It looks amazing for everyday wear and is easily my favourite highlighter of all time, so far. It also has a consistency to die for, creamy and buttery, and I just cannot get enough of this on my cheeks, definitely one of my favourite MAC purchases.

I also received MAC's Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara along with my Cream Colour Base purchase for free, woo hooo!

In a way this mascara is like two wands in one, with the purple part giving thick, voluminous lashes, and the pink part giving more natural, daytime lashes.

'Haute' Daytime Lashes (Pink)

'Naughty' Nightime Lashes (Purple)

Both parts of the mascara deliver well, giving lovely long thick lashes, however my only fault with this product is that after using the 'daytime' lash mascara, this makes the 'nightime' lash wand go very clumpy, however this can be fixed by wiping some mascara off with a tissue before use.
Overall though, its a lovely mascara, and an absolute bargain getting two mascaras in one for free!

Did you pick up the free mascara with MAC latest deal? What do you think of it? :)


  1. Hush is definitely my favourite highlighter too - powder highlighters are alright, but this always delivers a natural glow! :) Glad you like it too!

  2. I love cream colour bases! Pearl is my favourite but Hush is on my wish list now x

  3. Going to mac today so I may pick up hush! xo

  4. thats such a beautiful colour! x

  5. Oo that's such a lovely base. The mascara looks really good! I may have to give it a whirl! xx

  6. Oh damn, I totally missed out on that offer :'( That cream highlight looks gorgeous. I'll admit.. I'm tempted!! x

  7. i missed out on the free mascara :( gutted!
    bought pearl cream colour base a few weeks ago, although now im wishing i bought hush as it looks even more perfect for summer! xx

  8. Hush looks gorgeous. I got the free mascara too but I can't get on with it really - I wasn't impressed but for free it'll do! x

  9. Isn't finished Art GCSE the most releaving thing in the world! I've also had this lovely weight lifted off of me!

  10. Ooh, that looks gorgeous! I am so adding that to my evergrowing wishlist! xx

  11. pretty eyes !<3
    if u want follow me and write comment ;*

  12. Thats a great deal, I've heard Haute&Naughty is one of their better mascara's and now I'm dying to try the cream colour base, I've been looking for a good highlighter for ages!
    Thanks for the post, it's pointed me towards just what I've been looking for :) xx

  13. Hush looks gorgeous! I've been dying to try Shell CCB as well :) x

  14. Hush looks stunning, I've never used a cream colour base but it looks gorgeous and a free mascara? Amazing! x x

  15. Ooh this looks stunning, can't wait to see how you work it :) the mascara looks fab too xx

  16. My goodness Hush looks amazing! I can see how it would give that candlelit glow that you describe.

    Must have it NOW.

  17. @Yu- I agree, i definately prefer cream highlighter, they are much more natural and less glittery! :)

    @Beccy- I want to try pearl, its on my wishlist!

    @Devea- Let me know if you like it! :)

    @Elise- It really is lovely! :)

    @Nicola- Hope you do its a nice mascara!

    @Christina Marie- Hahaa, sorry for tempting you! Shame you missed out on the offer :(

    @Sarah- Aww sorry you missed it! Hush is beautiful but i want to try Pearl as well! :)

    @*Zoe*- Haha, ahh the mascara isnt bad, especially for free :)

    @Amy McDonnell- Definately, i hate art so much ahha! :)

    @Joy- Hope you get it hun! :)

    @martien- Thanks sweetie!:)

    @Olivia- Glad to be of help, i hope you try out Hush, its lovely! :)

    @Tiffany- Shell looks beautiful as well!

    @Phoebe- Yeahh i know such a good deal haha :)

    @Nicola-x- Thanks sweetie, i love love love it! :)

    @Jen W- It does give the most perfect highlight to the cheeks! :)


  18. I got the cream colour base in pearl :) my only fault with that mascara is that it doesn't seem very waterproof, I'm not used to having mascara all under my eyes!! Haha, might just be me though. I've started putting a different mascara on my bottom lashes because I don't trust that one! xxx


  20. i recieved that mascara for free too.. i didn't even realise there were two in one haha thanks for sharing this! woo :D

  21. I love Hush Cream Colour Base! :} a lovely highlighter! Pearl is on my list as everyone seems to rave about it..