how to: get long and healthy hair!

Saturday 30 April 2011

As many of you may have read in my previous 'hair journey' post, me and my hair have a love-hate relationship. I cut off a lot of my hair (to just above shoulder length) a few years ago and ever since have been desperately seeking the perfect hair growing methods to get my hair back to its original state with long flowing locks! I am by no means an expert at hair growth, but the tips I will share with you today help me personally, so feel free to try them out and good luck with growing beautiful hair!

The main and most important tip for hair growth I feel is to have a heat ban. Whether it is a complete and strict ban or just cutting down on the straightener action, this will drastically help your hair to get it into good condition and consequently grow out nicely, without needing a million trims to banish those pesky split ends! I have been on a strict heat ban for about 2 years now after being a straightener addict and ruining my hair, and I now never use any heat (including hair dryers) on my hair except for the most special occasions e.g. Christmas, birthdays etc. I think this has really helped my hair to be healthy, strong and generally to grow quicker and fuller!

When growing hair, a lot of the theories for quick growth is to trim the ends of the hair every 6-8 weeks. For me, this just does not work at all, as having a trim that often just puts you back to square one after your hair has finally started growing. I generally get my hair cut every 2-3 months and by using no heat on my hair it doesn't usually need any more trims than that.

Of course, the old hair growth secret is just to be healthy. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and 2 litres of water a day will do no end of good with your hair growing plight! Try foods such as fish and nuts which have been linked to helping hair growth and try to avoid caffeine, excess sugar, fat and fizzy drinks which can be detrimental to your hair!

Find a fantastic shampoo and conditioner which really suits your hair type to get your hair into perfect condition. Also deep conditioners such as Aussie 3 Minute Miracle will help to soften and revive your hair, making it healthier and subsequently easier to get longer!

Be careful with the hair accessories you choose. Rubber bands are an absolute no-no, tugging on the hair and other heavy clips or bands may also pull on the hair and weaken it!

Don't wash your hair more than once every two days, this will enable the natural hair oils to restore the hair and by washing it too often you are stripping it of these oils. Use dry shampoo as a substitute for daily washes!

My dry shampoo-ed barnet!

Keep in mind that one hair can grown from 2-7 years, meaning that as your hair grows longer, a lot will fall out as it reaches the end of it's growth cycle! Some of the hair on your head may have seen up to 7 years of damage, so be gentle with your hair so that it can grow to its maximum potential!

And finally the only thing that can really help lengthen those beautiful locks of yours is patience. Time is the main factor in hair growth so give your hair time and space to grow long long long!

I hope I helped in some way with your hair growing plight! If you have any other tips or questions pop them below! :)


  1. This has really inspired me to take better care of my hair, it has been so dry lately thanks to those pesky straightners...going to try and keep myself away from them! :)


  2. Some great tips!! I'm growing my hair at the moment, but cutting down on heat is so hard! my hair is completely unmanageable without my straighteners :(

  3. These are great tips but unfortunatly I feel like I have to wash my hair everyday I have school as my hair is so shiny its embarrasing :/

  4. Great tips:) your hair is lovely, I personally have no problems with getting long hair, (grows really quick) & has always been in quite good condition, think Ive just got a good hair gene as my mam and sister are the same! but as a hairdresser I found these tips really interesting & helpful you are spot on! x

  5. Great tips!:D

    A heat ban is really important, it makes our hair breathe and restore moisture!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. I wish my hair looked as good as yours without using any heat! Thanks for the fab tips (:, I definitely agree with you about not washing your hair every day!xx

  7. I put a heat ban on my hair after realising how much damage I was doing to it and that my hair actually looks nice natural!

  8. i'm trying to grow my hair! It's a nightmare :-(
    but im getting there :D Great tips!!

  9. i love love love this post; i just love the way you write in so much depth, so nice to see intelligent posts! haha. Your hair is lovely, I'm trying to grow mine tres long also, slowly making my way there! <3 x

  10. your hair is gorgeous, and great tips!

    I had quite long hair and just recently had a good few inches off that were a bit too dead. check it out?


  11. Really helpful post, your hair is lovely!

  12. Sorry i'm a bit late replying to these- exam stress is getting to me haha! Thankyou for the lovely comments everyone! :)

    @joanna- good luck, just go with natural hair, i bet it will look amazing! :)

    @DaintyMakeup- maybe try some heat free styling methods, like plaiting your hair before bed or using serum or something :)

    @Megan- try dry shampoo, i swear it is such a lifesaver! :)

    @Nicola- Ohh luckyy thing, wish my hair grew quick!! Thankyou for the lovely comment! :)

    @Marie- I agree, mine goes so dry if i use heat too much!

    @Holly- I agree, heat is so bad for the hair, but mine isnt naturally like that really, i plait it before bed, im going to do a post on it soon i think :)

    @Olivia- aww well done hun! good luck with it :)

    @Jodiexox- good luck- just be patient :)

    @Fern- aww thankyou! that made me smile, and good luck with growing yours! :)

    @Katie Reed- Ohh thankyouu :]

    @Vintage Makeup- Thanks sweetie! :)


  13. My hair is about the same length as yours but i want to get it reaaallyy long like a mermaid's hair! :)
    but it's so hard not to use my straighteners - my fringe just goes stupid without them! and i feel i look so horrible the second day after washing! but never mind! :L
    check out my blog if you get a chance :) -

  14. This is a really great post - my hair has been so much better since I stopped using hair curlers and had it trimmed regularly, even though it is now coloured (though I did have that done at the salon!) I also now use a hair mask every week, which I find really helps my hair too - its from Lush, so no extra harmful chemicals!

  15. @Ellen- i want mermaid hair too! :) so sooooo pretty! :)

    @Rachel- Ohh i definately want to try a Lush hair mask- so good for the hair! :)