Monday 19 September 2011

Being able to wear nail polish freely, without a teacher yelling, screaming or having a breakdown at the fact my nails are coloured is extremely new to me. Now I have so much more freedom with my 'uniform code', nail colour is a necessity, is is quickly becoming my obsession. For years I had wondered what all the fuss was about regarding nail polish, but recently my love for all things nail related has been growing. Rapidly.

Accessorize is my recent discovery in the nail world, their polishes are just so beautiful! This is my current favourite polish, Bronze, and I am extremely tempted to go and pick up one or five more colours from their range this weekend!

Bronze is a metallic, yellow, green, red, brown, gold... every colour of the rainbow, duo-chrome polish.

It is too beautiful for words.

Even as I type this, I cannot stop staring at my nails, and they are an extreme distraction in school! The colours are perfect for the fast approaching Autumnal months and will be a firm favourite in my book for a while to come.

What are your favourite Autumn nail polishes?!


  1. I was the same when I started college, even now at my college we always show each other our nails. :')

  2. Lovely colour! I love how their polishes are so duochrome-y :) I picked up the shade Aztec a while ago but I wasn't very keen so I may pick up this shade instead xx

  3. Lovely nails :)

    I'm a big fan of Accessorize nail varnishes - I've got about 10 - including only one of the duochrome range. Can't remember what it's called but it's great! I agree though, very distracting. I found when I wore it, it was very difficult to take my eyes off my nails! It really reminded me of an oil spill, which sounds horrible, but in a really beautiful way.

    (Hope you don't think I sound like a mental person!)

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous colour!! Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! :)

  5. Loveeee this colour!


  6. really nice colour. I don't have anything similar to this one. cute :)

    visit me?

  7. @smartnesspattern- Thankyou.

    @Liz- Thankyou sweetie!

    @Imogen- Haha, i love seeing what everyone has on their nails!!:)

    @Faye- Definitely try bronze, it is stunning!:)

    @heartshapedbruise.- I need to pop into superdrug and get some more! I understand what you mean, like molten graphite or something, need to pick that one up!:)

    @Hannah Michelle- Aww thankyou honey!:)

    @Standing In Stilettos- Me too!:)

    @Melody of Beauty- They are very unique!:)


  8. Oh I loved it when I turned into a sixth former. Teachers just don't bat an eyelid at anything you do. Make the most of the next two years (as much torture as they will be). School is something you will miss in a few years time!

    Zahra xx

  9. Such a gorgeous polish! Need something like this for fall, i usually just stick to reds but this is soo lovely! xo

  10. this is really pretty, great for fall <3

  11. I have yet to try Accessorize polishes and I think Bronze is a sophisticated shade.:D

    ***** Marie *****