the perils of working in Boots.

Sunday 25 September 2011

Here's a few recent accidental purchases courtesy of being surrounded by makeup all day long...

Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Balm
How have I never tried this before!? Best lip balm in the world alert!

Rimmel Lipstick in Nude Delight
I love how this lipstick is like none that I have had previously and is so much more brown/beige toned than my usual go-to nudes but so wearable its perfect for everyday wear. Love.

Sleek Au Natural Palette
Although this is technically from Superdrug (across the road from Boots, are they in a conspiracy to bankrupt me!?) I thought I'd include this anyway as it is such a beaut! Perfect colours for a perfect day... or something to that effect:)

Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener
From a lot of wear and tear my nails are quite literally falling apart, chipping and flaking everywhere I go! I was in desperate need of a hard-core nail hardener so I'm giving this a try, hopefully it will cure all my nail woes and make them strong and healthy again!

Maybelline Nail Polish in Ivory Rose
I have been looking for the perfect 'nude' polish forever, and when I saw this on Makeup Savvy I was convinced it was the perfect nude for me! Its a beautiful colour, although could do with a bit more pigment, after three coats it still wasn't perfectly opaque, however thats to be expected with the uber-pale polishes!

Hopefully this will be my last haul type post in a while, as my cash flow is at an all time low after buying a brand new laptop today, huraahhhh! Get ready for post upon post delivered to you through my new Dell Inspiron N5040!


  1. The Maybelline Polishes are great; I bought Nude Rose (slightly darker than Ivory Rose) after reading Fee's blog too :) x

  2. you bought the laptop!! yayy hehe :P

  3. Great purchases - I really want to try that lipbalm. x

  4. Everything looks so nice, I'm the same I spend wayyy too much on makeup and beauty products! Need to try out that nivea lipbalm x

  5. Ohh I love those shades of nude lipsticks - I'm definitely going to have a peek the next time I'm in Boots :D x

  6. I have to admit, if I worked in Boots I would be forever skint :( xx

  7. If I were you this would have turned into a ridiculously expensive habit by now lol. Do you get a discount?

    Zahra xx

  8. i'm so desperate for that nude lipstick! some great buys:)x

  9. I have been loving rimmel's nude delight recently. I used to find it too orange with pale skin but if I fake tan a little it looks perfect! xxx

  10. haha I was always the same when I worked at Boots! It is such a bad place to work if you're a beauty addict!! xx

  11. Milk and Honey is a good lip balm.:D I would love to try the Au Natural Palette, I only have Storm and I love it!:D

    ***** Marie *****