sixth form wardrobe.

Sunday 11 September 2011

The best and worst part of entering the daunting new world of Sixth Form at school is without a doubt the clothes. On the good side, spending mother's money on a few new dresses is always a fun experience, especially when you can claim your beautiful new skirt is 'school uniform' to guilt said mother into buying it for you, mwahah. However, as I have discovered, not having to wear a uniform to school is a major minefield. Every night having to pick a fresh new outfit for the next morning while looking smart, 'fashionable' and complying with the dress code is a major task in its self, not to mention the stress of actually being able to wear proper makeup for school... amazing but also extremely time consuming.

So here are a few of my picks for my upcoming weeks at school...

Dress- Primark
Dress - Zara, Cardigan - H&M
Dress - Zara
Shirt - H&M, Skirt - Zara
Blouse - H&M, Skirt - Primark
Shirt - H&M, Skirt - Matalan, Belt - Primark, Blazer - H&M

Please excuse the extremely posey shots and questionable lighting, the weather conditions really were not on my good side! These photos were taken in my garden, a slight improvement I think over my normal bedroom setting with clutter surrounding me at every angle!

Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be adding a few more items to my ever growing 'sixth form wardrobe' and will not have to resort to wearing the same skirts 5 times a week just yet!

Have a good week beauties and my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by 9/11 ♥


  1. All of these outfits are gorgeous, especially the first dress! Is your year trying to make mine feel like slobs - everyone looks so smart! :P ps. I rotate two or three skirts, whoops.

  2. all these outfits are gorgeous! i love the third dress :) x

  3. I love all of these. My favourites are the first grey dress and the black zara number, both are so flattering and perfect for sixth form. It is difficult though isn't it, I remember feeling like I was wearing the same things constantly.


  4. Each and every one of these are gorgeous! My favorite is the third one! Super cute on you :)

  5. Lovely outfits. Im sure you will love sixth form xx

  6. Such a good idea for a post! I love all of these outfits! Gonna do this post on my blog today I think :)

  7. You look so nice and proffesional, at my college everyone always wears just like jeans and a random top, I'd much rather where smart but fashionable outfits xx

  8. Really love the grey Primark dress and Matalan pleated skirt. Might have to go and hunt these down :)


  9. GORGEOUS! Do you have a dress code? My 6th form was so casual ha!

  10. I love the 2nd and 5th outfits sooooo much! My brothers starting sixth firm tomorrow and it's the first year they're having a dress code for it, he's absolutely gutted! Lol.

    Gem x

  11. Beautiful pictures! The first dress is my favourite <3

  12. Wow you dress so smartly, I shall be sporting jeans and jumpers I think haha! Looking lovely as always!

  13. Gorgeous outfits :) Very formal though! While I was at sixth form, I just wore jeans and t-shirts, like most of my year! x

  14. LOVE the first dress (can't believe it's from Primark!) and the second Zara dress, although they all look great. I wish I had as good style when I was in 6th form! xx

  15. you look so sophisticated! all of our year wear leggings and hoodies most of the time haha, good luck for sixth form :) xxx

  16. I actually love every single outfit! You look so stunning and sophisticated.. can't wait to see more outfit posts! I wish I looked that nice going to college haha x

  17. I am so lazy in the mornings, it's a jeans and t shirt combo for me! My friends nearly had a heart attack when i wore a skirt last year :P

    I love the dresses from zara x

  18. love your outfits
    i remember starting sixthform and worrying every night about what to wear, i kinda hated it! by the end of year 13 everyone had given up and people really were turning up in pyjamas ahah xx

  19. These outfits are so beautiful! I only ever wore jeans, leggings & tshirts to college - paint splattered ones at that! haha. i love the purple skirt and nude shirt, so beautiful! what are your uniform rules at college? xx

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  21. These are all so pretty. :) Wish we had to dress up a bit for school, people literally wear pajama pants & slippers to school over here most of the time! Atrocious ;) Haha. You are gorgeoussss x

  22. You look lovely with all of them!

  23. I love them all! So cute!

  24. i Love all the outfits but my fave are the 2 with the belts!

    please follow meee and comment!

  25. @Jenny- Haha i think my year are all so dressy because its all new at the moment, we will become more slobby eventually hehe:)

    @Essie- Thanks hun, its my fav dress at the moment!

    @Eloise- Its so difficult to get your outfits into a good rotation, so people dont remember them as much ahah!

    @Maya Sophia- Thanks sweetie, my fav is the 3rd as well!

    @Tamsin- I do love it sweetie, thankyouu:)

    @Amanda- Send me a link, id love to see!:)

    @Lovelain94- That would be heaven to be able to wear whatever, the dress code at my school is so strict!

    @kirsti_r- I adore that skirt, wasnt so keen at first but then it grew on me!:)

    @Shabna- Yes, we have to wear tailored dress, suits or skirt and shirts, its so much effort haha!

    @Gem- Awww bless him! That sucks!

    @HOLLY- Thankyou honey, i love that dress!

    @Lisa- I have a stupid dress code, so difficult to stick to haha!

    @Louise- I wish i could dress down, we have to be really smart! :)

    @Emily- Aw thannks hun, i love my £10 primark dress!:)

    @Rachael- I wish i could do that, i have to dress up! Thanks hun!

    @DaintyMakeup - Thanks so much!:) I definately do an updated one of these ina few months!:))

    @Fudgesmoothies- haha, that made me laugh:) I hate having to dress up, so much effort!

    @Sophie- looll i wish i could wear pyjamas! its so hard choosing outfits every morning!!

    @Clare Marie- we basically have to wear business dress and be smart at all times haha, so annoying!:)

    @Arabella- Thanks sweets!

    @Laura- Wish i could wear sweats and pyjamas, would be so much easier!! Thankyou honey!:)

    @Grace- Thankyouu :)

    @Lischen- Thanks honey!

    @Vintage Culture- I love the belts to, so simple to change up an outfit!:))


  26. Hi. I want all of your 6th Form Wardrobe please!! :D
    Also you look gorgeous in these photos - you are really photogenic! :)

    ~Hannah xx

  27. All these outfits are lovely!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  28. Love the outfits !

    I followed!


  29. Could you write down the prices of these outfits?

  30. Could you write down the prices of these outfits?

    1. approximately...
      1st outfit= £9
      2nd outfit= £30
      3rd outfit= £20
      4th outfit= £20
      5th outfit= £15
      6th outfit= £30

      hope that helps! xx

  31. You're gorgeous Hannah :)