27 Wishes

Monday 29 July 2013

Philosophy 27 Wishes Multi- Purpose Balm*
Life is all about multitasking. No one has time for individual products wasting space and only accomplishing one job and the 21st century user demands multiplicity from products, so where I can I double, or even triple up; whether that be a lipstick turning into a cream blush, or a body lotion infused with fake tan and spf all rolled into one!

But Philosophy have recently taken the multitasking product variety into the next league with 27 Wishes Multi- Purpose Balm*, a product to rival Elizabeth Arden's infamous 8 Hour Cream. It is designed to take on pretty much any skin problem and I have been using it for anything from soothing sore and dry skin (especially useful for sunburn!),  as an ultra-nourishing cuticle balm, or adding a little shine to cheeks, eyes and legs! 

In texture, it is a thick, clear balm that almost dissolves into a thick liquid cream as it is rubbed in, which is much more easily absorbed into the skin than the rather sticky EA 8 Hour Cream. While the 8 Hour Cream counterpart has occasionally been branded a hyped up version of Vaseline due to its high petroleum jelly content, Philosophy's offering does not contain petroleum and is my pick of the two in terms of moisturising power. It has an extremely fresh smell (think a subtler version of Vicks!) and is very refreshing to apply on the skin.

Its only downfall is that when used as a lip balm the taste is horrendous, but as this is not actually marketed for use on the lips this is probably my fault rather than Philosophy's! Overall a fabulous product which has replaced any other multi-purpose balms I own!

You can find Philosophy products here, and the 27 Wishes balm here.

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  1. This looks interesting, I never bought 8 hour cream because I heard it was really sticky and to be honest I have so many products I didn't think it would fit anywhere into my routine, but I love the Philosophy brand and this sounds fab


    1. I know what you mean, 8 hour cream is very hyped up and in my opinion not really worth it! xx

  2. I love philosophy products and I really enjoyed reading this review! I might give this product a try now, it sounds great xx

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