Tuesday 16 July 2013

Being about as tan as a milk bottle means that naturally self-tanning is a very important, if extremely time consuming, area within my beauty regime. During the winter months this is restricted to only face tanning and if I am feeling especially productive, a little light colour on my arms/exposed hands, although I have been known to have a beautifully tanned face which contrasts delightfully with my pale as ghost hands- don't judge me!

However, more skin on show for summer calls for a amped up tanning routine, and for this I bring out the big players- namely Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe, my tan of choice for both prom (especially necessary in my stark white dress!) and any other special occasion, but is unfortunately way too pricey to use on a weekly basis (£28.99 from FeelUnique). On me, I don't find this to be 'Ultra Dark' as it claims, but builds a lovely natural glow which is the best to be hoped for with my pale as anything skin! This also boast the added benefits of Scent Secure, an ingredient which is meant to eradicate the biscuit smell which most self tans waft, and while the scent is diminished considerably in comparison to other self tanners - St Moriz I'm looking at you! - the faint musty smell is still detectable the morning after. In terms of longevity this fades beautifully and I get around 5 days wear out of one application.

Garnier Summer Body is also a moisturisor, tanning hybrid which I reach for on almost a daily basis to build up a beautiful, subtle colour which is inexpensive enough to continue repurchasing. This not only leaves my skin soft with no signs of the dreaded scaly knees and elbows, it also leaves me with a really natural colour; just remember to dilute this with another moisturiser on hands, feet and knees for a more even coverage.

Honourable mentions also go to Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning as my face tanner pick, which I apply every other night with my fingers, leaving a very subtle colour which is pretty much foolproof, just be wary of brows and hairlines! If I am ultimately too lazy to pre-prep my skin before a night out or sunny day, I reach for my Rimmel Instant Tan in Light Matte, which is perfect if you're feeling a bit pale and need a pick me up!

What are your favourite self-tanners?!

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  1. Believe it or not, I've never tried a self tanner! I might have to though, because I am ghastly pale. x

    1. Wow! Im sure you look lovely pale though, whereas i look a bit ill! haha xxx