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Tuesday 23 July 2013

CHANEL Chance EDT 50ml

Every girl needs a little CHANEL in her life; whether the fix is gained through handbags, makeup or perfume, CHANEL is a classic which never goes out of fashion. In terms of perfume, my expectations were low, with most scents aimed at the more mature woman with connotations of musk and lavender, yet Chance has completely changed my mind on the matter.

A mixture of both citrus and floral scents, this manages to stay just on the right side of musky, combined with vanilla and patchouli, an altogether beautiful combination. This tops my previous perfume must-have Paco Robanne's Lady Million, yet at £52 for 50ml of the edt it isn't the cheapest fragrance out there. I used my Boots points to purchase mine, and will most definitely be branching out into the eau de parfum version next time in hopes for a little more longevity, as I do find this disappears pretty rapidly on my skin.

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