My Favourite MAC Lipsticks

Monday 25 July 2016

MAC lipsticks will forever, and always, hold a special place in my heart. Since my very first Hue purchase back in the day, which I wore down to its very stubbs, the scent of MAC lipsticks makes my heart beat faster and my pupils dilate. 

These lot are the three musketeers of the lipstick world, the only lipsticks I really need in my collection at the moment. Syrup is the ultimate 'I want to look natural but also super put together and polished' kinda berry shade, but its sheer finish gives it the wearability of a much more neutral shade. This combined with Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat in Pillowtalk is currently my go to favourite, but when I need a quick vamp it up colour for a night out, I reach for Diva. Bold is the name of the game here, don't plump for Diva unless you have the self confidence to match and the commitment to the game. This needs love, care and attention to prevent lipstick teeth and lip line feathering, but when this is done well, this is the ultimate colour for a night out. Finally we have Patisserie, an age old sheer nude with peachy undertones. I usually pair this with No 7's Nude Lip Liner for an understated and very chic everyday look. My only quarm with Patisserie is its glitter particles in the formula, but this is a small issue which I can overlook for the beautiful colour.

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  1. It's so good to see you back to blogging! I've been a long time follower and always liked your writing. Congrats on finishing university - what a great feeling. What did you study? Great post, I love Syrup - it's one of the first MAC lipsticks I got. Currently hung up on Faux, such a gorgeous pink with a very slight mauve tone.


    1. This is so sweet! So nice to hear that. I studied Chemistry at Durham, it was as hideous as it sounds haha! Syrup is gorgeous, I would highly recommend. Faux sounds great, will have to check it out! xxx