Oh, Balls

Monday 11 July 2016

Left Dress - AX Paris   Left Shoes - New Look   Right Dress - Rare   Right Shoes - Primark

University is over. Done. Dusted. Finito. Finato. 

To top of the whole experience I attended a couple of balls to put the very last hurrah into third year. 
First up was a whole evening dedicated to champagne. It was as lavish as it sounds. Corks a-popping and the laughter of fairground rides filled the air as the evening exploded with bubbles. The champagne did not stop coming and of course this beautiful dusty rose maxi dress from AX Paris came home stinking of the very best cava. I guess its better than the usual crawl home dressed in the stench of jeager. But that's another story. The dress was perfection in every aspect; bodice delicately embroidered and skirt flowing in the wind. My shoes are New Look's finest, and while they beautifully coordinate with the rose dress, they were a form of torture in themselves and I ended up ditching them half way through the night. Not the wisest decision with broken champagne bottles strewn across the floor.

The second dress was my first purchase of the two and oh boy is this a beauty. You can tell I have a ball dress type can't you... (just check out last year's extremely similar ensemble.) If its tight and interesting on the top and flows over all of your midriff on the bottom, I am sold. This little number from Rare has a stretchy waistband to clinch you in but also allowed some room for eating, always a plus. The material is almost lycra-like, but the neckline is so pretty I will forgive any misdeeds. After the shoe disaster of champagne ball, I stuck with some old trusted Primark platforms, subtle enough that they didn't clash too much with the dress. 

p.s. For the eagle-eyed of you, my blog name has changed! Formally Beautylishious, a name I came up with in a teenage brainstorming session gone wrong. If you're still here now we've morphed into Hannah Biggz... its good to be back.

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