The Dress Of My Dreams

Friday 15 July 2016

Dress - Amazon

Words cannot describe to you how much I adore this dress. Blue and white anything floats my float and this has all the characteristics of a fairytale match made in heaven with my wardrobe.

Okay, confession time. I bought this on Amazon. From Hong Kong. With little to no knowledge that it would fit or be of a normal size or be non-see-through. Took a gamble. Paid off.

I saw this dress on The Londoner years ago and it stuck with me. At the time I didn't have the occasion or the justification for a purchase, but rolling up to graduation day with the pressure on to find a dress, this stuck with me. I tried about 10 different formal dresses from ASOS but none made the cut, and eventually I ordered this beauty from Amazon. I waited for weeks hoping and praying that the postman would bring it in time. One fateful day he knocked on the door and I scribbled a rushed signature, dancing into the house holding the messiah of dresses in my hands.

For £14 (£14!!!!!), this dress is surprisingly well made, opaque and the design is so beautiful I couldn't stop smiling at my luck. Not too short and demure enough for a formal occasion. There is one small, tiny downside. The Small size is made for a 10 year old boy. Don't breathe too heavy or the seams will split and all hell will break loose. Don't make my mistake, swallow your feelings and order a size up.

But, seam splits aside. The perfect dress for your next occasion?

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