My Top Five Lipsticks...

Friday 3 September 2010

Hey Dolls...

Out of all of the makeup products in the whole wide world, I would have to say that lipstick is one of my all time favourites. The variety of colours, the exciting textures and just the damn amazing gorgeous-ness of them puts lipstick at the forefront of all makeup in my opinion, and I feel that no shopping trip is complete unless I've got a beautifully wrapped little lippie sitting at the bottom of my shopping bags.

So today, in honour of my favourite makeup product, here are my top 5 lipsticks from my collection...

(L-R, Barry M Coral, ELF Nicely Nude, 17 Balmy Beige, MAC Hue, Gosh Darling)

My nude lips, just for comparison...

Barry M Lipstick in Coral
This is an extremely bright and beautiful, full on coral orange, with very fine sparkle running through it. I would say that this is a little drying, but I love it just for the stunning colour, that is perfect for Summer, if summer ever even arrives!

ELF Mineral Lipstick in Nicely Nude
Of course, by no means a 'nude' colour, but true to the other part of its name, it is extremely 'nice'. A beautiful warm pink, its perfect for everyday wear and looks beautiful teamed with a soft pink gloss. If your looking for a barbie pink then keep looking, but this is a softer, more wearable alternative. I feel that it is moisturising and so amazing to wear, such a perfect pink.

17 Lipstick in Balmy Beige
This beautiful, soft coral/orange/goldey colour is the perfect sheer top coat for other lipsticks, to add a little bit of dazzle to your lips. Although it doesn't give an amazing impression on its own, it looks beautiful teamed with nude lips, pink lips, coral lips, any old lips!

MAC Lipstick in Hue (Glaze)
This stunning, sheer nude pink lipstick is one of those 'your lips- but better' colours, which adds hints of colours without looking too full-on or overdone. Its got a beautiful texture and is perfect for doing nude lips without going too nude, and ending up looking dead...

And finally... first place goes too... *drum roll please*

Gosh Lipstick in Darling
Oh what can I say about my favourite lipstick in the world!? The perfect nude, with pink undertones, I think this colour would suit almost everybody, and is the perfect way for toning down overly bright colours, making smoky eyes pop and warming up the complexion. Used full pelt its a very pigmented nude which knocks out the colour in your lips, although I prefer to use it dabbed on my lips sparingly, just for the hint of a nude lip. Overall, an all round stunner!!

So girlie's, you've heard my list, but what about you?! Whats your favourite lipstick in the whole wide world!?

This is a scheduled post, as I'm on holiday at the moment, so apologies if I don't get back to you straight away...


  1. love this post! I want to try Balmy Beige so much :( xxx

  2. Lovely post :) These all look gorgeous! My two faves atm are Revlon's Pink Pout & Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Please :) xo

  3. lovely postie!:),hue looks amazing and so does balmy beige :)xx

  4. That Barry M lipstick in Coral looks gorgeous!

  5. Nice! I just ordered the Nicely Nude e.l.f lipstick after hearing so many good reviews for it.

  6. Great post. I am gonna order the Nicely Nude and Runway Pink from e.l.f soon. I love the MAC and Gosh lipsticks, they really suit you.


  7. Mac - Hue is my ultimate favourite :)!
    Check out my Blog if you have enough time :)

  8. love number 4 Gosh lip sticks so sad they don't sell gosh in the states =( have a great weekend !!!

  9. barry m coral is so pretty!

  10. mac angel - is my must have :) xxx

  11. Ahh, love them all, hehe! x

  12. Loved this post! I love GOSH Darling too!

  13. I love Balmy Beige, great for when my lips are feeling a bit dry. I also love ELF's Natural Nymph and Mac's Viva Glam Gaga. x

  14. gosh darling is so amazing<3

  15. I mentioned you in a post relating to the Gosh Darling lipstick :) Check it out? x

  16. I knew that you would put Gosh Darling 1st!! I love my MAC Creme Cup - just such a lovely pink everyday colour, but I have to say that your raving over Hue is making me want it to! I'll keep you posted! x

  17. I just randomly cam across your blog and I really like it, keep it up :) x

    I'm new to blogger so please feel free to visit my blog, it would be much appreciated :)

  18. We have very similar tastes: MAC Hue and GOSH Darling are my favourites as well.

  19. I'm not normally a big lipstick fan, I'm more of a lipgloss girlie! But I must admit The MAC Lipstick looks really good, I may invest soon.

    Loving your blog, i'm now a follower. :)


  20. Great post!
    The Barry M Coral is gorgeous! I can't get away with Gosh Darling! :( I just use it now before I put a brighter colour over the top.

    Thankyou for your comments on my blog...I think you always comment on my lovely! :)

  21. @Fern- its gorgeous, and so so affordable!!

    @Laura xo- Ohh they sound great, may have to check them out! :)

    @Irene ♥- They both are beautiful!

    @Chic Geek (Devs)- It realy is! :)

    @Lauren Baker- Oh hope you like it, its lovely!

    @Sophie- Ohh you should also check out Natural Nymph, its lovely!

    @CosmeticsChloe- Yes, its beautiful and sure!

    @Curves ahead makeup- Aww what a shame! :(

    @Kaitlyn- I know its a beaut! :)

    @Bea- Haha thanks!

    @Jade- Haha, thats going on my wishlist!

    @Renu- Hehe! :)

    @Dollface- Best lippie ever! :)

    @LilyLipstick- I want viva glam gaga, so pretty!!

    @LadyBugSays- me too!! :)

    @Holly- Oh yeahh, love it! :)

    @Sophie- Sure :)

    @Vivianna- Haha, im a bit to obsessed with Gosh Darling! Ohh i want Creme Cup, looks gorgeous! :)

    @Amy- Hehe thankyou!!

    @Catanya- Haha, you have good taste ;)

    @Jess- I love lipgloss as well, especially barry m toffee at the moment!

    @Natalie @ BeauMakeup- Hehe i try! And i use it like that sometimes as well, it looks great! :)